'Gmailify' Gives Dissatisfied Yahoo And Outlook Users Gmail Features

'Gmailify' Gives Dissatisfied Yahoo and Outlook Users Gmail Features

Google is now offering Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook users the opportunity to "Gmailify" their accounts. It might be shocking to the Gmail-centric mainstream, but there are millions of people still using these email services. Not only do they use them -- but they use them with the Gmail app their iOS and Android devices. Presumably these people then cry, because Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail lack a lot of the features the rest of us Gmail users enjoy, including Google Now cards (sure!), spam protection (how do you guys not have this?) and inbox organisation (I don't understand your world and I don't want to).

According to Google, the souls using Yahoo Mail and Hotmail will now be able to flip a "Gmailify" switch in the app, link their non-Gmail account to a Gmail account and enjoy all the features the rest of us enjoy. Better yet, Google says more providers are now in the works.

Welcome to 2016, my Yahoo and Hotmail brothers and sisters. It's super convenient.




    I don't really get it. I have a hotmail acc which is my main email, and a gmail acc which is my 'business' email (which I never use). I've never seen a difference in features between the two.
    Hotmail has a spam folder, it automatically detects and puts spam in there. Inbox organization is folders, right? You put emails in different folders? I do that all the time with my Hotmail. I don't know what Google Now cards are, but it's just email. How many 'features' could you possibly have?
    Here's one: emails are beamed directly into your brain and you can reply just by thinking it! Now that would be interesting.

      Google now cards are honestly awesome. Future bills and when they are due are shown. Flights info and how long it takes to get there/when I should leave are automatic. Hotel bookings, calender reminders and locations are automatically there with directions and when to leave. Thats only stuff from your email. if you use it while in a shopping centre you get the centre directory, movie times etc

      It also starts giving you articles related to your trip so top 10 things to do in blah or travel warning etc.

    Will there be a button that lets us make GMail as clean, simple and easy to use as the Outlook interface? I get my GMail (and ISP based mail and Hotmail/Live/Outlook) in the Outlook interface because the navigation and customisation gets it much closer to the way I want my mail delivered. Then again, I'm not a slave to my mobile device and prefer to get my email on my desktop.

    I guess take-up of this new "feature" will be high given Hotmail accounts haven't been able to sync any email in the Gmail app on Android Marshmallow for some months. Seems Google had a good reason to break the connection after all. Dicks.

    Well i use both and find the outlook interface way more simpler than gmail.

    Welcome to 2016, my Yahoo and Hotmail brothers and sisters. It’s super convenient.

    MS got rid of hotmail and migrated everyone to Outlook. So maybe thinking of hotmail interface and features.

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    Has the author ever actually used outlook within the last 10 years? (exaggeration ). All these features exist apart from google now cards and does anyone actually use google cards? Weird. I love outlook because its got word, excel, onedrive all in the one place and easily sinks with office when I need it.

    Gmail was the premium service years back but outlook has caught up and possibly refined there service even more.

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    Outlook wins for me anyday.

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