Get Ready For Siri On Your Mac

Get Ready For Siri On Your Mac

Siri was the first voice assistant to hit mobile phones, and since then, the sometimes quirky feature has marched across all of Apple devices, including Apple Watch and the new Apple TV. Now, according to 9to5Mac, Siri’s conquest will be complete as it finally makes its way to your Mac this year. According to the report, Siri will be coming to the Mac as part of OS X 10.12 and will most likely be announced at Apple’s WWDC conference in June. 9to5Mac’s reliable scoop machine Mark Gurman says Siri won’t take up your whole screen, like it does in iOS. Instead it will live in the menu bar near the Spotlight magnifying glass. Siri will also have the colourful soundwave design, which debuted on the Apple Watch and eventually made its way to iOS 9 and Apple TV. Mac Siri will be always on when your computer is connected to power, so you can just say, “Hey Siri” to wake the assistant up.

Siri on your Mac may be the biggest visible addition to OS X this year. We won’t be getting any huge overhauls. Instead, Apple has reportedly been focusing on improving performance — you’ll recall that last year’s El Capitan was a performance-oriented update as well. Though Siri was the first assistant on a mobile device, it won’t be the first on a desktop. Microsoft introduced Cortana on the desktop last year as a part of Windows 10. So it’s obvious that Apple would want to match Windows feature by feature. Mac Siri even sounds like a similar concept as Cortana, except that it lives in the opposite corner of the screen.

So in 2016 every major desktop OS will come with its very own personal assistant. But if you absolutely can’t wait until winter, well, there are clever hacks out there that will get Siri on your machine right now.


Illustration: Adam Clark Estes