Foxtel Announces Unlimited Broadband Bundles

Foxtel Announces Unlimited Broadband Bundles

After 12 months of offering broadband and home phone bundles, Foxtel today announced the launch of its new Unlimited broadband and home phone bundles.

“With the number of internet enabled devices in each home on the rise, coupled with a proliferation of data intensive activities like video streaming, Australian consumers are demanding more from their broadband service than ever before,” Foxtel announced in a statement.

“Foxtel’s new unlimited broadband data plans are designed to meet this demand and eliminate household concerns over exceeding monthly data caps.”

Andrew Lorken, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Broadband, IT and PMO, said, “Customers are telling us they love the combination of Foxtel’s unbeatable premium TV entertainment and our broadband and home phone services, and that they are growing hungrier for broadband data to feed their insatiable appetite for online entertainment such as Foxtel’s on-demand video streaming service Anytime.”

“Our new unlimited broadband bundles satisfy this hunger, giving our customers the freedom to browse, stream and connect with friends on multiple devices in their homes at any time of the day or night without worrying about data usage.

“And when combined with the Foxtel Hub, Foxtel’s very own WiFi modem, built with the latest modem technology and designed to deliver fast WiFi speeds and great in-home coverage, it’s easy to see how Foxtel’s new unlimited broadband bundles are truly ‘built for entertainment.”

The bundles cost $115 per month on a 12 or 24 month plan.

That’s a minimum of $3459 to $5979 on a 24 month direct debit plan, depending on included TV pack. This cost is based on the inclusion of an Unlimited Broadband Home Bundle and a Non-Platinum HD TV pack. A $99 “bundle activation fee” is included.

The bundle cost for existing Foxtel Platinum HD TV subscribers is $95 per month on a 12 or 24 month plan.

That’s a minimum cost of $5595 on a 24 month direct debit plan, again including the $99 “bundle activation” fee.

Foxtel have confirmed that there will be no data download limits for Foxtel TV on Foxtel Go and Anytime when connected to Foxtel Broadband.