Forget The Super Bowl, There's A Captain America: Civil War Trailer

Video: The Super Bowl is on, so we though it only appropriate to share with you some gratuitous patriotism. Here's 42 seconds of pure America. That's Captain America: Civil War, by the way.

The new spot for Captain America: Civil War aired just before the big game, and we're fully expecting a longer trailer somewhere in the middle. If one does appear, we'll let you know all about it ASAP. [YouTube]


    Hate to say it, but with The Vision on Team Ironman, Cap is screwed

      and black panther, and iron man.

        And Spider Man... just out of shot.

          I heard Spider Man didn't make that fight shown in the trailer.....cos you know, detention.

    I'm the winner is the ANT MAN. U can't catch him :p

    Ant Man has a fancy new helmet and streamlined suit by the looks of things.

    Meanwhile...Team Cap all the way.

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