Ford's Last XR6 Turbo Has A Uniquely Australian Part Under The Hood

Ford's last ever Falcon has been revealed, and it's a beauty. Under the bonnet of the barnstorming 4.0-litre turbocharged XR6 Sprint, though, it's more Australian than ever — with a carbon fibre air intake designed and built in Geelong that is a first for the 120-year-old car company.

The 2017 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Sprint will likely be the fastest Falcon ever produced by Ford's Australian factories in Broadmeadows, with a big power bump from the last model's 270kW/533Nm in the standard model to a huge 325kW/576Nm in the Sprint edition and overboost temporarily pumping things to 370kW and 650Nm. The $54,990 car will be faster in a 0-100km/h sprint than the XR8 Sprint it shares a nameplate with, and part of that is due to Ford Australia's uniquely designed carbon fibre air intake.

Designed and built in conjunction with Ford's supplier Premcar and Quickstep Automotive in Geelong, the carbon fibre intake is lighter and more efficient than existing plastic intakes; it'll be raw-finished rather than coated, and will be hand laid by Quickstep in four layers. It's 46 per cent lighter than its plastic equivalent, and although that's only a saving of 203 grams, it's the extra strength of the intake that will stop it flexing under the fast-flowing air intake of high revs and heavy boost.

Working in carbon fibre, too, means Ford was able to maximise the intake's internal surface area and provide as large a cross-section as possible without increasing the size of the part itself. [Ford]



    So instead of drip-feeding performance increases year on year to guarantee repeat sales to people that need of have the 'best' (and also to not upstage the show-pony of the range in the XR8), they've decided to actually make the best car they could out of the technology at hand...

    Let me get this straight, instead of making cars that most people want, Ford and Holden are building bigger and faster gas guzzlers prior to the collapse of their industry. However, an Aussi made air intake, is supposed to be a "pat on the back" moment?

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      Nothing wrong with a swansong.

      Gas guzzlers? The cars people mostly "want" in this country is a sign of their stupidity and sheep mentality - SUV 4WD that guzzle considerably more, have a fraction of the performance and are just downright inappropriate in all but a tiny percentage of cases. Those not buying an SUV are buying junk Toyota appliances - they are not cars. The XR6 turbo is an absolute masterpiece and superior to the V6 rubbish peddled by many others (it is criminal and stupid politics that ford will discontinue the 4.0 I6). Please divide the fuel consumption published by the 650NM output and I think you will probably not find another motor that can produce so much when asked, but operate so efficiently day to day! (hybrids with their hidden consumption aside).

      Cars that most people want? The Falcon XRT & SS Commodore are at least twice the car, in some areas more of all those cars "most people want". The SUV fashion craze created for people who need to see over the car in front and feel "safer" (or roll over easier when driven like a sedan) will die a very slow death (no pun intended).

      As soon as drivers who understand how a full sized vehicle should really perform, the SUV demise will start to speed up and people will get very misty-eyed when they see an old XR6 turbo...

      Australian made components should be lauded as well even if they're only nuts and bolts because once those industries are gone, they're gone baby.

        Exactly - I have to laugh (or cry) when people talk about poor quality, fuel-guzzling Aussie sedans and then go out and buy a massive V8 Jeep that uses twice the fuel and whose dash falls apart after 5000km on rough roads.

          mate, thats bc its a v8 jeep (EDITED TO COMPLY WITH COMMUNITY GUIDELINES). and as for land cruisers being gas guzzling Japanese pices of crap. the turbo sixes are just as economical, more reliable, do more km's with out being touched and have a fuck load more tourque with out being modified

      Cars that most people want are not Ford or Holden.
      There is a reason why they are on a decline, there are better built cars out there.

    Far from being "more Australian than ever", this Falcon is EXACTLY as Australian as previous models. All they have done is swap an Australian designed and manufactured plastic intake for an Australian designed and manufactured carbon fibre air intake.

    The whole engine is Australian designed and built, having been developed in the late 1950s from a 2.4 litre straight six from Ford in North America, which was a pushrod engine made from cast iron. Everything that has been improved on it over the years - cross-flow head, single OHC, then double OHC, as well as a change to aluminium heads and even turbocharging, was all done here in Australia. I don't think there has ever been a more Australian engine in a mass market car than the Barra straight six.

    wish i had the money to invest in one of these.

    ill go cry in the corner now.

    Is this the same Geelong based company that build the worlds first mass production carbon fibre wheels fitted on the US Shelby GT350R Mustang? Great Aussie ingenuity right there.

    Ford Australia makes plastic pipe for new car! Aussie knowhow FTW! Sorry, Fibre reinforced plastic pipe!

    XR8 Sprint pictured.

    No reason for that bonnet bulge with the 6.

    Car sounds good but why all the excitement around a cold air intake to the factory airbox?

    If they were really utilizing CF to create a large pipe into the airbox it wouldn't have that flat section on the pipe that connects to the airbox.

    I wonder how much benefit is lost with the intake runner to the turbo going over the top of the hot engine.

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      The benefit lost would be none at all.

    They are some of the best built and most reliable cars on the road, this is why they are the default car for Taxis and police. Bogan stigmas associated with Australian built cars and the fact we have to pay our workforce a fair wage unlike workers in many foreign countries are what killed this industry.

      Couldn't agree more.

    The cultural cringe runs deep in Australia right now.

    I'm driving a 2012 G6E and it's just astonishingly good. I don't know when they got this good (I have dreadful memories of old Falcons) but this is one hell of a car.

    Rub the Falcon badge off, put a 'Something Made In Germany" badge on and everyone would be raving about it.

    We are just so absurdly self destructive.

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