Ford Australia Is Giving The Fiesta And Focus A Performance Boost With Kits From Mountune

Ford has had third-party power upgrades for its Falcon for decades, with Tickford and then Ford Performance Vehicles using the stock cars as a base to do some pretty impressive stuff. Ford in Australia has taken that idea a little further, though, with the long-awaited introduction of Mountune performance parts for the smaller Fiesta ST and Focus ST.

Coming into the country as part of the new Ford Licensed Accessory program, the Mountune gear will be sold in kits that will give both the zippy Fiesta ST and the already-quick Focus ST significant power gains. The 1.6-litre Fiesta, for example, jumps from 134kW of peak power and 230Nm of torque to 158kW/320Nm, and the 2.0-litre Focus goes from 184kW/345Nm to 202kW/400Nm.

The prices are pretty reasonable, too. Adding a Mountune MP215 kit, with new airbox and more aggressive ECU mapping, to the circa-$30,000 Fiesta ST is around $2500, while the $43,000 Focus ST's Mountune MP275 kit is about $4200 — it's a little more serious with a new intercooler and pod filter as well.

It's the first time that Ford has given a bit of love to its smaller performance models in this way, and it's great to see. The gear will be available, backed by a local Ford warranty and with quality assurance, from the middle of this year. Ford is already selling the kits, and they'll keep your full three-year warranty intact if fitted to your new Fiesta or Focus at the time of sale.

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