Fitmodo: Running Shrinks Cancer Tumours, How Leafy Greens Help Digestion

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This week: Why drinking is worse for you if you are poor, a vaccine against designer drugs and cancer tumours shown to shrink in mice who go for a run.

Why Drinking Is Worse For You If You Are Poor

Despite drinking the same amounts, people in lower income communities have higher levels of alcohol-related ill health than people in wealthier communities, and now UK scientists think they know why.

Scientists Have Come Up With A 'Vaccine' Against Designer Drugs

Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute have just published the results of a study done on a special kind of vaccine in the journal Angewandte Chemie. This vaccine does not guard against a virus. Instead, it blocks the effects of synthetic designer drugs.

Brain Implant Will Let Amputees Move Individual Fingers On Prosthetics With Thoughts Alone

For the first time ever, researchers have successfully demonstrated a system that enables a person to move the individual fingers of a prosthetic hand using just their thoughts.

Running Shown To Shrink Cancer Tumours In Mice

Tumours shrink 50 per cent faster in mice given access to a running wheel than in inactive animals, because the exercise-related surge in adrenaline helps move their cancer-killing immune cells towards the tumour, according to international scientists. They also found exercise makes muscles release a specialised signalling substance, which helps guide the immune cells towards the tumours.

Australian Research Finds Exposure To Lead In Childhood Is Linked To Aggression

Australian children who are exposed to higher levels of environmental lead are more likely in early adulthood to show increased aggressive behaviour and commit an assault that results in death, a new study led by Macquarie University researchers has found.

Diet Discovery: Australian Researchers Find Sugar In Leafy Greens Aids Digestive Health

A critical discovery about how bacteria feed on an unusual sugar molecule found in leafy green vegetables could hold the key to explaining how 'good' bacteria protect our gut and promote health.

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