Find The Best Available Public Wi-Fi Using This App

Find the Best Available Public Wifi Using This App

When you're travelling, a stable Wi-Fi connection can be the difference between life and death. It's so important, many of us would likely choose a coffee shop based on the quality of its internet connection rather than the quality of the drinks. But finding public Wi-Fi spots on your travels can be tricky. That's where WeFi Pro comes in. The app, available on iOS and Android, features a database of several hundred million Wi-Fi hotspots from across the world, and it can show you the best and most stable options in your current area (saving you some time testing useless ones). You can help out other users by tagging and identifying new hotspots that you come across, and you can blacklist certain networks too.

Part of the app's appeal is the way it works in the background, turning Wi-Fi off when it's not needed and alerting you if there's a better Wi-Fi connection available than the one you're currently on. While it makes most sense for those on the move, it also helps manage the Wi-Fi networks at home or at work.


    An app? Who needs an app? This functionality is a baked in native feature of Windows Phone.

      Windows Phones have a database of "several hundred million" WiFi hotspots baked in? And I thought Samsung had too much bloatware!

      Last edited 01/03/16 9:08 am

        Windows Phone has Wi-Fi Sense which uses crowd sourced data. It actually works very well. However, like many class-leading features that MS develop, they just don't know how to market them well, and so with the Windows 10 Anniversary Updates (coming Aug 2), MS are pulling Wi-Fi Sense due to low usage numbers.

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