Fan-Made LEGO Helicarrer Blows The Official Product Out Of The Water (...Well, Air)

LEGO is, clearly, more than a pastime for some. Maybe not a job (unless you're employed by the Danish toy giant), but certainly bordering on obsession territory. The creations produced by such dedicated fans however more than makes up for any and all sunlight and social deprivation. Like this unbelievable Helicarrier from The Avengers.

So, here's the official LEGO Helicarrier, which while impressive, can't hold a candle to the one pictured here by Formosa Creative Brick's team of builders. Firstly, this monstrosity comes in at ~15,000 pieces, five times that of the official ones 3000 or so.

Secondly, the dimensions of 140cm by 80cm means it's double the size. It's so big in fact, Formosa Creative Brick had to break it up into 14 sections just to build and transport the thing.

If you want to see this bad boy in the (plastic) flesh, it's currently on display in Taipei, Taiwan in — you guessed it — LEGO's own store. Otherwise, check out the extensive photo gallery on Flickr.

[Facebook, via The Brothers Brick]

Photos: The Brothers Brick / Formosa Creative Brick

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