Facebook's New Reaction Buttons Go Live Today

Facebook's New Reaction Buttons Go Live Today

The global rollout for Facebook's long-awaited reaction buttons on the social network starts today. So now, instead of just liking a friend's post, you can now react with "love", "haha", "wow", "sad" or "angry" emoji. The new reaction array comes after a year of testing in Ireland and Spain. It's also available for both personal Facebook profiles and Facebook Pages. Despite some early rumours, however, there's still no "dislike" button. There's also no "yay" button even though Facebook tested it, and it's undeniably the best reaction to anything. No yay for you.

[Facebook via The Verge]


    That gorilla post lol

    Meanwhile, in the 22nd Century things like this weren't so exciting...

    I don't get it? If I 'angry' something does it mean I no longer see it, or does it simply let the advertisers know it makes me angry?

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