Don't Hold Your Breath For Telstra Unlimited Plans

Despite major rivals Optus and Vodafone offering plans with unlimited calls and texts, and the newer players using unlimited as a means of attracting customers, Telstra has no intention of following suit.

TK Kurikawa /

"We don’t bundle unlimited calls, but then we don’t bundle unlimited data either. Unlimited is not a path that we think is the right path to go down," Telstra CEO Andrew Penn told Gizmodo.

"I think the whole concept of unlimited, in usage, ultimately, we invest an enormous amount of money in the network, and one of the reasons that we do that is to provide a great network experience," he said.

"Maybe if you declare the use of a network unlimited, you're sort of sending the message that there’s no sort of incremental or marginal cost for the volume of usage, which there is."

"Our value proposition, our point of differentiation, which isn't the same as everybody's, is to have the best network in Australia. We believe that has been important, and will only increase in its importance going forward. To do that though, we invest an enormous amount of money. So it’s important that we reflect that in how we bundle our plans. Making that unlimited suggests something different."

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