Don't Hold Your Breath For Telstra Unlimited Plans

Despite major rivals Optus and Vodafone offering plans with unlimited calls and texts, and the newer players using unlimited as a means of attracting customers, Telstra has no intention of following suit.

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"We don’t bundle unlimited calls, but then we don’t bundle unlimited data either. Unlimited is not a path that we think is the right path to go down," Telstra CEO Andrew Penn told Gizmodo.

"I think the whole concept of unlimited, in usage, ultimately, we invest an enormous amount of money in the network, and one of the reasons that we do that is to provide a great network experience," he said.

"Maybe if you declare the use of a network unlimited, you're sort of sending the message that there’s no sort of incremental or marginal cost for the volume of usage, which there is."

"Our value proposition, our point of differentiation, which isn't the same as everybody's, is to have the best network in Australia. We believe that has been important, and will only increase in its importance going forward. To do that though, we invest an enormous amount of money. So it’s important that we reflect that in how we bundle our plans. Making that unlimited suggests something different."



    Who cares about calls and text?

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      Exactly. 99% of my phone usage is data-driven. Only phone calls I make are VERY infrequent to my folks. All other calls I make are done via Google Hangouts or Skype & all texts are done via Hangouts or WhatsApp. Telstra proved that their wireless data networks can handle incredible amounts of throughput following the load during their free data weekend. Clearly they're not paying an extra premium for this so why can't they sort their sh*t out & offer a reasonable amount of allowance to the consumer? It's ridiculous

        Yep, I took advantage of that free data weekend (while not taking the piss), and the network held up remarkably well. And that's WITHOUT 2.6GHz being available in my area.

        Their network is certainly capable of offering much higher data caps without significantly impacting performance.

    Can anyone clarify what they mean when they say they don't bundle unlimited calls, I have a Sim only plan with Telstra that gives me unlimited calls, unlimited text and MMS and 11GB of data for $60 a month.

    Am i missing something?

      How the hell did you get that?

        I have pre-paid, $30 a month for unlimited calls, text, $280 credit and 1.3gb of data!

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        It was the Sim Only plan that was heavily advertised in December last year....

          Is that the 24 month contract BYO phone one?

            12 month BYO plan..

            I buy a new phone outright every 6 months or so, so plans have never made sense to me

        I'm on the same. It was a bring your own phone plan that was available over the xmas period this year. Was an online deal only. I ended my contract 3 months early to take advantage of that, has saved me $30 a month from excess data charges

    I think he's been smoking something because I've had unlimited calls and SMS since 2012, and his claim that data is costly isn't a valid argument.

    To progress a network that requires continued improvements to stay on top – you need customers – something they won't get soon if they continue to stick with overpriced plans and little data.

      Just like Foxtel that they partially own - it is a dying business model that they will cling to until it severely hurts them.

        Foxtel subscriber numbers are increasing and aren't slowing down either.

        Live sport is something streaming can't compete with, and when you pirate live sport, you are only getting a stream of a UK or US cable TV channel (ie just like foxtel but from a different country)

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          Aren't those numbers only increasing because they count Presto in those figures now?

            Yes, however a breakdown is offered, and broadcast subscriber growth, which is foxtel only, is up 7.4%

            Also foxtel presto is only half of presto, only the movies half of presto as channel 7 is involved with the other half which is tv. So only half (at best) of presto were included.

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    News Flash Andy Penn... The network isn't that great... I couldn't Load this page on the train ride on the way into work this morning..

      They extend their reach into areas that other carriers won't even go near. There's no arguments about Telstra's network - if you need middle of nowhere service (short of getting a satphone) you need Telstra. Even in my little corner on the edge of a city, nobody except Telstra offers reliable service.

      Before that I was with Optus and couldn't even reliably make a call, let alone use data.

        Not to mention I can happily drive around on Telstra (using Bluetooth) while maintaining a quality call, yet Optus seem to have huge issues with quickly handing you from tower to tower resulting in dropouts or line quality issues.

      Rofl, try another carrier. Telstra has the best network by a long shot. The speeds and reach of their network are worth the premium price for me.

    Telstra aren't for making the network great for everyone.

    4GX has a speed of 450mbs, that's about the maximum speed an SSD can write at, so really don't need any faster. Yet rather than making 4GX available for everyone, even at peak times, they are working on 5G instead!

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    You need to research the difference between megabits and megabytes.

    This article doesn't make a whole lot of sense, are you talking about fixed line data and calls?
    Telstra offers unlimited mobile calling plans...and nobody offers unlimited mobile data.

    I also have unlimited calls and texts on a $60/month BYO Telstra plan. And 7GB of Data....

    This article makes no sense....

    I get unlimited calls and texts (and 3GB on 4G) through Boost. That's entirely owned by Telstra.

    Vodaphone and Optus should bve made to contribute to the social obligations of Telstra instead of cherry picking high density areas only. The said, Telstra seems incapable of producing a simple bundle.

    Vodaphone and Optus should bve made to contribute to the social obligations of Telstra instead of cherry picking high density areas only. The said, Telstra seems incapable of producing a simple bundle.

    Boost - $40 p/mnth - Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS - 11gb Data.

    All on the Telstra 4G network.

    Just sayin

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