Donald Trump In Westeros Makes A Disturbing Amount Of Sense

Donald Trump in Westeros Makes a Disturbing Amount of Sense

Sideshow comedian and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been long-regarded as a political anomaly in the United States. But in Westeros? Well, that actually makes more sense.

One enterprising YouTuber created a fantasy world where there are old gods and new gods, dragons walk the earth, and Donald Trump's politics don't sound insane, like building a giant wall and bringing back waterboarding.

In other news, Game of Thrones season six starts April 25. It will not feature Donald Trump.

[YouTube via Daily Dot]

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    Great bit of work and you've got The Trumpet in the right century. Perhaps he could build a wall around the entire country so that we may never see or hear from him again.

    This was originally on Insiders Sunday morning on ABC.

    God I hope Trump becomes president!

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