Everything You Need To Know About Dick Smith's Huge Sale

Tomorrow morning, Dick Smith will be throwing a huge clearance sale in Australia and New Zealand as it prepares to shut down the business for good. As the adage says: everything must go! Here are all the details that we know about the sale so far.

At the beginning of this year Dick Smith went into voluntary administration. Today its receivers have announced that all 363 stores across Australia and New Zealand will be closed over the next eight weeks. This is sad news for staff members, but good news for Antipodean bargain hunters.

Our friends over at Lifehacker have broken down everything you need to know about tomorrow's massive fire sale: from the number of participating locations to the likelihood of staff members nabbing everything before the sale starts. Click here for all the info!

Dick Smith's Huge Closing Down Sale: How To Get The Best Deals [Lifehacker]


    Buying electronics from a store that is shutting down is just retail suicide.

    What happens if you take your big ticket item home and it dies?

    I'll pass thanks!

    Last edited 26/02/16 7:27 am

      You go to the manufacturer and tell them the store you bought it from doesn't exist any more. You've always been able to do that.

        Half the stuff in there is DSE branded rubbish

          Manufacturers usually still support rebranded merchandise, you just have to figure out which on it is.

    I wonder how much stock has already been taken by the staff...

    just been to the sydney store, same crap, same prices.

      I was at the Sydney Burwood store this morning.... complete waste of time.

      Last edited 26/02/16 10:49 am

    Same at the Brookside Brisbane store..little to no difference in prices..

    Didn't see any significant reductions just now in Melbourne

    *massive fired sale

    Fixed it for you

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