CSIRO To Cut 300 Jobs, Climate Science To Be Most Affected

The Climate Science team are expected to bear the brunt of massive job cuts at the CSIRO to be announced today.

The jobs to be cut are mostly in the Oceans and Atmosphere, and Land and Water divisions.

The CSIRO are aiming to place staff in alternate roles where possible -- in growing fields such as data science -- according to the ABC sources, with the goal of no net jobs lost over a two year period.

The CSIRO have been contacted for comment, which was declined until after the official announcement is made to staff today.

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    *sniff* Can anyone else smell pressure from the Coalition pigs?

    Just got the official announcement, it's 350 jobs to go over 2 years. On top of this our enterprise bargaining agreement ran out 18 months ago and has not been renewed. That means the last pay rise we had was 2 1/2 years ago. Staff moral is at the lowest ever. This is just another kick in the balls for Aussie scientists. Thank you so much Larry.

      That's terrible!
      The worst thing is if I'm not mistaken, more will be spent on the governments stupid, pointless gay marriage plebiscite (160mil) than was cut from the CSIRO, so if they abandoned the vote (and just dealt with the issue like grown-ups), they could restore all CSIRO money and jobs.

      The Abbott government has been by far the most regressive I can remember or think of, and Turnbull has done nothing meaningful to turn things around.

    The Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda will help to create a modern, dynamic, 21st century economy for Australia.
    The opportunities for Australia have never been greater.
    Australian businesses have unprecedented access to the global economy through our new trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea. More than half the world’s middle class already live in our region.
    Our businesses, universities and research organisations like the CSIRO are also among the best in the world.

    Errmm, Malcolm.. remember this?


    Last edited 04/02/16 12:31 pm

      Once again playing politics with science. The government is forcing CSIRO to switch focus from climate to data purely for ideological reasons. The same ideology that resulted in our third rate NBN is driving this change.

    When you keep handing out money hand over fist to buy votes and your vision for the Australian public and economy doesn't extent beyond a 3 year term.......it's an accelerated race to the bottom.

    Its happening all around Australia. UWA is cutting 300 jobs this year; South32 just announced cuts too. Very sad.

    Just think how innovative the country is going to be now, with all these scientists no longer tied up in unproductive government jobs! Innovate scientists, innovate us to a dynamic 21st century economy!

    Same week CSIRO Cancer research partnership earned 730 million dollars... they announce job cuts. They did the same thing after winning the WiFi patent case.... way to celebrate innovation.

    Don't be fooled. He is really Abbott in a clown suit.

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