Climbing A 460 Metre Radio Tower Without Safety Gear Is Stupid For So Many Reasons

Climbing a 457.20m Radio Tower Without Safety Gear Is Stupid for So Many Reasons

Video: Climbing something this high is concerning to begin with, but intentionally doing it without safety equipment borders on suicidal. Not only do you risk the obvious by doing unassisted solo climbs, but according to uploader Urban Adventures, "it's easy to die from things you can't see like radiation and electrocution". So just add that to the mix for good measure. Luckily this tower was determined to be deactivated, making it only unsafe for conventional reasons, like falling to your untimely death from almost 460m. (For reference, the Empire State Building is only 443m.) In the end, the climb took four hours. Four anxiety-inducing hours.

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    Whilst all the authors points are valid - a lot people do go free climbing, and there is something to be said for the fact that the fear of death will go a good job keeping you alive. Think about it kind of the other way around - those who climb with ropes or safety equipment are often more careless because they rely on the equipment, not their skill and strength to keep them alive. Two things can go wrong. Firstly, your safety equipment can fail, and you die, this doesn't need much explanation - you still fall 460m to your untimely death if your rope, harness, carabiner, pitons, cliff face or something else fails. Secondly, your safety equipment can work, and still kill you...if you fall and your safety equipment is going to catch you, then you don't really know how that will may find yourself swinging at high speed and unexpectedly towards a solid object or some high voltage equipment. I think people also underestimate human ability, it is pretty amazing what you can do with a bit of adrenaline flowing through you. I know from doing a lot of indoor climbing and bouldering that your ability to save your own arse in the face of no other options is pretty amazing - I've fallen from decent heights and at decent speeds and been able to catch myself before the ropes caught me - and I did this automatically without thinking. Don't underestimate the power of the survival instinct. All that said - most of the time - I got caught by a rope. Free climbers are a special breed.

      You clearly have something to prove to yourself and that's all well and good. However, the people who do this sort of stupidity really don't seem to give a shit about how such a death would affect family and friends. Not to mention the trauma for any friend or rescue/ambulance party would go through, having to clean up your bloody mess. All in all, you do this sort of thing, don't expect anyone to feel sorry for you when you, or what's left of you, ends up in a body bag.

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        I dont do anything dangerous these days. Too old. You could make your same argument though about people who ride bicycles on roads. Which I consider to be a completely insane activity. Still a lot of people do it...

    The way he hung ten up there with his arms open gave me the heebs! This is definitely climbing on EXPERT mode, or I guess it's PERMADEATH mode to be more accurate. Just one wrong move....

    I have such a fear of heights, I couldn't even watch the video haha.


    Whatever happened to being free to do what you like?
    The way i see it, these are choices made by people risking themselves, not putting others in harms way. You do well as president of a nanny state i think.

    First responders (Police, Ambo, Fire) are trained to pick up the pieces so to speak.
    Its their job, they get paid to do it, so you can't pull the card - oh think of those that will find you scattered.

    Its like a soldier whinging they get deployed - don't like it - don't sign up.

    Whereas i feel for the families to a point - you could get hit by a car without so much as a warning and once more, people are left to pick up the pieces - so to speak.

      Whatever happened to being free to do what you like?Hmmm, shall we take that to the extreme then? What was that ridiculous movie "The Purge". There's a big difference between "Nannie State" and anarchy. As for ambo's being paid to deal with that kind of trauma, I seriously doubt they can just shrug it off, they have to deal with it the same as anybody else.

    attention seekers lol.
    if they do it purley for the thrill why to they take video so they can post online....bragging rights.

    It gets cold and windy enough climbing a 20 meter tower...

    I don't condone this for a minute, but...

    It's not easy to "die from radiation", if anything lethal happens it's usually a cancer that will get you years past your climbing days are over ...

    And unless it's a HT tower electrocution is unlikely as safety standards are similar to those on the ground.

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