Google's Chromecast 2 And Chromecast Audio Are Finally Coming To Australia

It looks like we might have the Google Chromecast 2 and the new Chromecast Audio dongles available in Australia in the next couple of weeks, with Kogan's listing going live and JB Hi-Fi reportedly having the products in its inventory. Point of Sale marketing material is also starting to arrive in stores.

Kogan has the Black Chromecast 2 listed as available in one to two weeks, with the Coral and Yellow versions, along with the Chromecast Audio, listed as "coming soon". The price for both the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio is advertised at $59, not including delivery.

According to Ausdroid sources, both items have SKU codes listed in the JB Hifi inventory system for $59 each. At this stage nothing is showing up on the JB Hi-Fi website.

Google Australia has declined to comment on "rumour or speculation".



    Just had a quick look at kogan and the postage to inner city Melbourne for one unit was $22? Surely that can't be right?

      I was going to pull the trigger, then seen the 2 weeks wait anyway. At which point it'll probably be at the local shop cheaper.

    potential launch date 18/2/16... I'll be camping out the front if that's right :D

    Have been waiting for the ChromeCast2 Audio to arrive, same functionality (near enough) to my current raspi set up, but a lot neater and probably more stable. Will be getting one when available!

    The big blue box of office products has the Chromecast 2 in it's system for $59.
    The Audio isn't listed but that doesn't shock me.
    There's no orders in the system yet so I have no idea on delivery dates.

    I see chromecast supports iOS with "supported" apps. What does this even mean? Does it work the same way as airplay? Are most streaming services like Netflix/Hulu/Local rubbish supported?

    Want to grab something, but no way I have any interest in an Apple TV.

    I've got a Chromecast 2 (from US Ebay), and its pretty good. Similar to original Chromecast but has 802.11ac (2.4ghz+5ghz) support, so network will be more stable.

    I use it to stream netflix, spotify and youtube generally, works really well. I dont know if id bother getting a chromecast 2 if I had the original, but if you didnt have one before, its a no brainer for $59.

    I do want to get a couple Chromecast Audio's when they get here, with latest firmware you can link them for multiroom audio. Dodgy sonos using old unused docks etc..

    Just had a quick look at this at Kogan, and they have jacked the price up to $99 plus delivery.
    I think I'll wait.

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