Chrome Can Search Your Bookmarks With This Hidden Feature

Chrome Can Search Your Bookmarks With This Hidden Feature

If you find yourself drowning in an ocean of unorganized bookmarks, then Chrome’s recently revamped bookmark manager has one or two tricks that may help. One is the option to search through your bookmarked pages right from the browser’s address bar at the top of the interface.

Here’s how to set up and use the feature:

It’s made possible by Chrome’s custom search engine feature, which lets you search Amazon, Wikipedia, or even Gmail rather than the default search engine. From the Chrome Settings tab, choose Manage search engines and you’ll see an Add a new search engine option at the bottom: enter Bookmarks as the name, cb (or something similar) for the keyword shortcut, and this as the query string:


Once you clicked Done and return to your browsing, go to the address bar, enter your keyword shortcut and a space and then type out your search query. Of course, the bookmarks manager has a very capable search box of its own, but this is a quick shortcut you might find more efficient.