Chicago Skyscrapers ‘Raining Glass’ After Scary High Winds

Chicago Skyscrapers ‘Raining Glass’ After Scary High Winds

Buildings were evacuated in downtown Chicago this afternoon as 111km/h wind gusts whipped glass out of under-construction skyscrapers, smashing them into nearby buildings and shattering them onto streets below.

According to DNA Info, glass and plywood from a pair of half-finished buildings were tossed onto streets and blown into neighbouring buildings on Wacker Drive, one of the busiest parts of downtown. Windows were broken on several buildings, but no one as hurt. Although the offices and streets around the site were evacuated immediately, construction workers had to remain in the unfinished towers until it was safe to head down.

Flights have been grounded, transit in some areas has been suspended due to debris on tracks, and tens of thousands of homes remain without power. One of the craziest videos shows a woman being helped across the street because it’s so windy. It takes four people to hold open the door of her cab.

It’s so windy that one of the tallest buildings in the world is swaying. Here’s a video from the 61st floor of the Willis Tower, where the doors are opening and closing due to building movement.

Don’t panic, it was designed to that. Skyscrapers do great in wind — as long as they’re finished.

The high wind alert was just lifted but strong winds continue. To make things even more bizarre, it’s 15C.

Here are a few more shots of wind damage from locals.

If only Chicago had a nickname that had to do with wind, how ironic this would all be.

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Top image via ABC7