Canon’s New 1D X Mark II Is The World’s Fastest Pro-Level DSLR

Canon’s New 1D X Mark II Is The World’s Fastest Pro-Level DSLR

14 frames per second, at full 20.2-megapixel quality in RAW format, for 170 continuous frames, with auto-exposure and autofocus tracking between each. 4K video at 60 frames per second, or 1080p at 120fps; support for new CFast 2.0 flash memory cards up to 256GB in size. The new Canon 1D X Mark II is a very powerful digital SLR.

Canon has just officially announced the 1D X Mark II, planning to release it locally from April onwards; stock of such a high-end camera is unlikely to be massive, but at the same time we don’t expect anyone but the most pro-level of professionals to be slapping down the five figures plus that a body alone will cost. It’s built around a 20.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, with expandable ISO of 50-409,600 and the 1D series’ existing amazingly solid build construction and waterproofing.


The 1D X Mark II will be the first Canon digital SLR that natively shoots 4K video, something that the company’s smaller competitors like Sony and Samsung have done for some time in cameras like the Samsung NX1 and Sony a7R II. Not content with the existing 4k30p options of high-end competitors, though, Canon has gone the whole hog with 4k60p and 1080p120 support without requiring recording to an external device.

That’s possible because of the 1D X Mark II’s support for CFast 2.0, the relatively new CompactFlash card standard from Lexar and Sandisk that rivals top solid-state drives in outright transfer speed. These are a necessary expensive when you’re shooting with a multi-thousand-dollar 1DX II, and a large card — up to 256GB capacity is currently supported — can set you back another $1000 easily.

According to Canon, the new 1D X Mark II “will be available from April 2016. Prices will be set at dealer discretion.” Expect to have your wallets open all the way. [Canon]