Bring Back The Classic Start Menu In Windows 10

Bring Back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10

Wasn't everything just so much better in the old days? Who needs a new Star Wars movie anyway? If you're feeling nostalgic for the look and feel of the classic Windows Start menu, there's a way to bring it back -- provided you're willing to shell out a few dollars for a third-party plugin.

The program in question is Stardock Start10, and it's free for 30 days. After that, it will cost you $US4.99 ($7). There's no complicated setup or even a reboot to sit through -- as soon as you've got the application installed on your Windows 10 computer, open up the Start menu for a hit of Windows 7-inspired nostalgia.

Bring Back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10

Start10 comes with a commendable number of options for you to play around with: there are actually three different looks to choose from (classic Windows, new Windows, and a fusion of both), and you can tweak icon sizes and colours as well as the appearance of the Start menu as a whole. There are even configuration options for your taskbar too.

By default an automatic shortcut to all of your Universal Applications is included (these can now run in the desktop environment thanks to Windows 10 don't forget). The program is so lightweight and simple that it's well worth checking out even if you're not sure whether you want the old Windows 7-style Start menu back or not.



    This is exactly the kind of BS mentality that stops new things. The new start menu is not hard to use, and if you are finding it hard to use I suggest taking a good hard look in the mirror and ask that guy why he can't use something that a 5 year old could use.

      I couldn't agree more. If it were up to some people, we would be using Windows 7 for the rest of our lives. It's the same people in business would held on to Windows XP for their dear lives.

        I've still got an IBM PC AT running Dow, along with others running windows 3.2, 95, 98' ME, NT and only just started using 7 after a decade of XP. Didn't use vista as it was useless, 8 & 8.1 would have required new software upgrades... However 10 does seem to run supprisingly old software. In many instances, change for changes sake alone is no justification for upheaval.
        Unix and Linux have seen no reason to go down the revolution path, and neither has OSX.

      Not really, it actually highlights the strength of Windows. Got a feature you don't like? Change it out for a different version that you do. I tried the Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Start menus and I much prefer the Windows 7 one. The windows 10 version is *close* to what I want, but not quite (and that took some customizing). Thankfully ClassicShell does the job of fixing that.

      Bear in mind new things doesn't always mean "better things". And it almost never means "better things that *everyone* will like".

    Don't forget Classic Shell:
    It's great to...

    I havnt tried stardock in years but if its anything like it was previously its full of bloatware and slugs down your system with the 'pro version' being too expensive.
    Classic shell gets my vote too. simple, light weight and very tweakable.

      Can only speak for myself but I used Start 8 while waiting for Windows 10 to come out and it seemed robust and maintained to me.

      I used both Start8 and Start10. Both costs me <$5, Neither had bloatware in the installation and had no effect of the performance of my system.

    I have now embraced the new start menu. I think once you clear out all the useless default tiles and replace them with how you want it, it's actually really nice to use. No need to go back to the old style.

      Yeah it's not like the Windows 8 mess. It's a simple step-change from 7. If people can't handle that, how will they handle real life problems?!

    Seriously, let it go move on, all this does is encourage people who oppose change not because the change is bad but because they are mentally too lazy to learn new things. Is this the type of society we want to encourage.

    I used star dock with Windows 8, (get chills down my spine saying that) to get the start button back and boot straight to desktop. With Windows 10 there is no need for that as you have the start button and it boots straight to desktop. Also not sure how Windows 7 brings up nostalgia as i was using it only 7 months ago. Windows 3.1 brings up nostalgia for me.

      Edit: Replied to the wrong post, sorry.

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      Windows 8 also has a Start button and can be made to boot straight to the desktop, although I don't know why you would want to do that when the first thing you are likely to do is open Start to launch an application. I actually find it slightly annoying that I have to open Start in Windows 10.

    The windows 10 start menu is a massive improvement over the windows vista start menu - why would you ever want to reverse said improvement?

      Maybe some users are too set in their ways. Or maybe some have just decided due to Windows 8 Microsoft can't get their act together anymore and have decided to keep to tried and true methods rather than be hassled again.

      Don't get me wrong, on tablets the Start Screen was Chuck Norris level perfect. But on desktops is simply didn't translate and Microsoft were too slow and sloppy to rectify the problem.

      Wouldn't surprise me if the number of OS X, Linux and BSD users went up because of that OS.

        Why didn't the W8 Start "translate on desktops"? I find it translates perfectly to all my desktops. Tiles are smaller than Desktop shortcuts in all versions of Windows and take up less screen space than an app in the launcher in the VIsta Start Menu. i.e. Start uses space more efficiently. It's also infinitely more customisable and has features you couldn't even have dreamed of in W7 or Vista.

    I guess some are just too set in their ways.

    In Windows 10, Microsoft finally listened and took be the best of both worlds when creating that Start Menu.

    Now if only they remembered their lesson with the XBone launch and (1) give us back the ability to decide for ourselves when Windows Updates are installed and (2) get ride of the Orwellian Telemetry Service that monitors the file placement of one's hard drive!

      I don't see that at all. I think Microsoft took all the worst features from Vista and Win8 and combined them to make Win10's Start worse than either. All Apps is back to being as awful as it was in Vista and I now have all this useless, empty space on my Start Menu that I can't use for anything. And they kept all the Live Tiles that everyone hated in Windows 8 so that nobody who stuck with W7 would be happy with it, either.

      All they needed to do was make it not full-screen, make small tiles the default size and not populate it with a dozen stupid apps that nobody wants and no-one will ever use. Maybe they could have left one large Live Tile, for something like Mail or Calendar, just so people could see how it works, but nobody wants or needs travel apps and stock/financial apps there by default, that stuff is just annoying.

        I don't think you've used windows 10, the default start menu is not full screen, the default tile size is small, and you can completely customize your tiles to be what you want, at what ever size you want. Maybe try a product first before you start talking out your ass about it.

          it's sad that so many people bashing win10 and it's start menu (which is better than 7, yes i said it) Haven't actually really used the OS they are just going by what all the fan boys are saying oooh windows 10 is junk ,etc windows 7 ftw... Embrace change! install classicshell or some other program to restore your precious start menu if you so please. Windows 10 is here to stay, like it or loath it. If you really hate it then use Linux Mint or Ubuntu or something... oh wait that has a different menu so it must be shit....right? For now Windows. IS essential to gamers as steamOS and other distros just don't have the comparability to play the games we love. M$ is working on this by porting DirextX to Nix based systems. THEN we can all start hating on the different linux distros :)

      2 is solved by Spybot anti-beacon - a free piece of software that disables the various telemetry services at the registry level

        Thanks, I'll let others who ask me know about it. I've already applied the reg method.

        Still, the telemetry service should not exist in the first place.

    I find Windows 10 terribly easy to use and I'm a long time Mac user... Life must be a real challenge for some.

    I wish people would stop assuming that everything new is always better for everyone, or that everything old is always better for everyone.

    The reality is that many things are NOT one-size-fits-all.

    So if anyone prefers the OLD start menu, then that's fine. And if anyone prefers the NEW one, that's fine too. Use whichever YOU prefer...

      No-one is saying anything about personal preference but it is very easy to judge which is objectively better. OK, that might make some people's personal preferences seem terribly illogical, even stupid, but that can't be helped.

        And by what metrics are you judging objectively?

          Ignore the user you are responding to. Whenever the topic of Windows comes up, he or she has to defend it like it is the Holy Grail of operating systems.

          At best, the user in question is just antagonistic for the sake of it and rare (if ever) contributes to the threads said user's posts appear in.

          Last edited 09/02/16 1:38 pm

    What this thing gives you is NOT the "classic" Start menu, it is the severely broken Start Menu from Vista, which everyone hated with a passion. Microsoft's own data, taken from billions of collected (and completely anonymous) keystrokes, showed that use of the Start Menu in Windows 7 had fallen to as little as 18% of what it had been in XP, which is why they gave it the best, most comprehensive makeover imaginable.

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