Biking Ridiculously Fast Down A Bobsled Track Is A Crazy Thing To Do

Biking Ridiculously Fast Down a Bobsled Track Is a Crazy Thing to Do

Video: It's like this whole bike race is in fast forward. But it's actually just on an abandoned bobsled track on the mountain Trebevic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The speed that the bikers reach and the angles at which they are riding are totally wild, so it's best for us mere mortals to stay away from the real life equivalent of Star Wars podracing.


    Is it actually abandoned or is it, ya know, summer?

      Yeah its actually abandoned. Also land mines all around that area so gotta be careful.

    It's actually abandoned. It was used as a sniper hide during the war and is full of bullet holes etc. I was there last year and I believe there are plans to rebuild it.

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