Australia's Population Is Now Above 24 Million

Early this morning, Australia got its 24 millionth resident. We don't know who that person was -- it could have been a newborn baby or a migrant, but that doesn't matter. We're ahead of schedule, too, nearly 20 years in advance of government population projections at the turn of the millenium.

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' population clock, we ticked over the 24 million number in the early hours of February 16, and have kept on ticking to add on another 500 or so since then. It's a bit of a silly cause for celebration, sure -- it's just a number -- but that hasn't stopped pundits like Dick Smith decrying Australia's immigration figures -- he told ABC 720 Perth "we'll turn Sydney into Shanghai".

The last official population count that the ABS relies upon is from 30 June 2015; the current forecast expects a consistent rate of increase of around one individual every 90 seconds since then, based on:

  • one birth every 1 minute and 44 seconds,
  • one death every 3 minutes and 24 seconds,
  • a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, leading to
  • an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 31 seconds.

[Australian Bureau of Statistics]



    i honestly do not believe that we currently have 24million people, maybe later in the month, but to have close to 1000 people born in the space of 24hrs in this country.. nah

      Born or immigrated! And yeah, going on their stats that's about right -- 86400 seconds in 24 hours, one person every 90 seconds, 960 people in 24 hours...

        And yet people still languish in fear of a few thousand asylum seekers arriving by boat each year

          tens of thousands more arrive by plane each year, some of them are allowed in, others are turned away at the border

          Boat people are much harder to process because they come with no documentation.

          Put the refugee camps in the middle of the dessert, next door to the proposed nuclear waste dump in SA would be a good place. Whole industries and towns will build around them until their 2-3 year stay is up, they are sent back (or commit suicide) .and are returned to their country of origin.

        i honestly dont buy that every 2mins there a woman in this country giving birth to a child and every 4mins we have someone kick the bucket. i mean there are days that go by without a single death or birth
        it would be much more believable if they just say we hit 24million febuary

        According to the article we have just had 30 people born within the last hour and had 15 people die

        Last edited 16/02/16 3:16 pm

          i mean there are days that go by without a single death or birth

          Please tell me you are trolling!

          You know the country is actually pretty big, right?

            If New York was able to go one day with out a single homicide, then its possible for us to go a day with out someone dying or without someone being born. also Australia is roughly 200km shorter in withed than the continental US (exlcuding alaska) while obviously being taller in hight

              1. People die for reasons other than Homicide.
              2. New york population is approx 8 million, So your point is moot.
              3. Considering the population of 24 million, Statistics say at least 1 person is born or dies at minimum. Statistics dont lie.
              4. You are an idiot

              They get these statistics from people registering births and deaths. People register births and deaths that often on average. the population is 24 million, there is gonna be a lot

              Perhaps you should actually read the link provided above

              "These assumptions are consistent with figures released in Australian Demographic Statistics, June Quarter 2015 (cat. no. 3101.0)."

              You claimed days go by without any births or deaths, I assume you have documented proof to back up this claim?

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    Briefly heard about this on the news, from their stats the births / deaths registry register a new birth every 1min30 and a new death every 3min10 (or something like that) and taking immigration into consideration we should hit 25mil this time next year.
    Now those times are slightly off but even still, an estimated growth of 1mil in a year, thats pretty hardcore.
    Bad time to be claustrophobic working in the CBD.

    we’ll turn Sydney into Shanghai
    Funny, because Shanghai has around 24.5 million people all by itself, so I dont think we have to worry about that just yet.

      What he means is that at current migration rates Sydney will become a majority Chinese city. He's referring to ethnic make-up, not population

      5million in sydney and 5 million in melbourne, thats almost half the population of the country in 2 cities. Meanwhile Canberra has less than 500k and i dont think darwin has managed to cracked 100k yet

        Darwin is actually almost 150000 and has been over 100000 since 99 when I moved up here. Palmerston physically has tripled in size since 2004 since the majority of the new population lives in Palmo, with a new satellite city currently being prepared. Katherine has gone from 9000 for the entire region (which covers from Queensland to WA.) to just 12000 just in the town with only a 3% increase in available private housing and a 30% drop in public housing since 97.
        The population centres of the NT are actually quite dense especially compared to what they used to be. 300sqm block of land is 70k here, 700sqm is 300k to buy. And that's the cheap ones.

    That's a tiny population for a whole country.
    Greater Los Angeles Area has 18.55 million.
    California has 38 million.

    Why are we celebrating this?

    The elephant in the room is that our little blue planet is overpopulated by a factor of about 5.

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