Australia May Fire 350 Climate Scientists Because Climate Change Is Proven 

Australia May Fire 350 Climate Scientists Because Climate Change is Proven

There are down sides to success. Australia's national science industry has announced that, as far as they're concerned, there is no longer any doubt that climate change exists -- so they will no longer be funding research that seeks to prove it. They will, however, employ scientists to lessen its effects.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, or CSIRO, recently put out a news release full of terms that employees dread. It includes terms phrases like "embrace change," and "pick and choose where to prioritise." Soon rumours were flying about exactly how many people were not going to be a priority, and why.

The why, Nature reported, was, in some ways, the result of victory. CSIRO considered the existence of climate change proved -- as well as it could ever be -- and wanted to short toward studying how to minimise it and mitigate its effects. It would switch its focus away from basic climate science. Understandably, CSIRO scientists were extremely upset, for both personal and scientific reasons.

Earlier today, CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall released a second statement. This one included the phrases "spirit of openness," "made redundant," and "choices about what to exit." Although some people will be retraining and moving to different departments, up to 350 people will be leaving the center.

Marshall also clarified why the shift is happening. "We must weigh up where we can have the greatest impact and where Australia has the greatest need," he wrote. "No one is saying climate change is not important, but surely mitigation, health, education, sustainable industries, and prosperity of the nation are no less important. CSIRO is working on tomorrow."

He also points out the center's limited resources, and the need to decide how to use them. We're interested in what you think. Is it time to declare that climate change is an established fact and start working on ways to ameliorate, its effects? And, if so, is the best way to do this by shifting away from basic climate science and towards technology and prevention? Or is this kind of shift removing both scientists' ability to convince the public of climate change, and their ability to understand what they're dealing with?

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    I guess this is where the government's pay increase came from.

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Fucking bullshit.
    They took a massive funding cut and this is their face saving rationale to please the government. What a load of fucking wank.
    Yes they're "shifting resources to where they can have the greatest impact" (or whatever) because the government has made it so they can't afford to do anything else other than move people out of those roles.

    " far as they’re concerned, there is no longer any doubt that climate change exists..."

    While one can agree that the climate is changing, there still is contention as to the how and why (and no I don't wish to start a flame war here). Surely that is reason enough to keep studying it?

    From being one of the foremost scientific research institutes in Australia, the CSIRO has become very short-sighted and political.

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      The csiro is funded by politicians. when those politicians cut their budget, they made it political.
      Also I'm pretty sure the how and why is fairly settled too. Its caused by us humans releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Granted this of course isn't the only thing that causes climate change, but it is by far the biggest issue.

      With any luck this portion of the research will continue with the group they are asking to help with lessening the effects - Not feeling too lucky regarding that though.

    It's bullshit for so many reasons, least of all that whilst climate change is proven to exist, research still needs to be done to show the effects it will have on various parts of Australia and our neighbours.

    But it's important to point out that we are not just losing research in climate change, but also our research in straight climate. This includes work on things like El Nino and drought, extreme rainfall, long range forecasting (which is done with the BoM) amongst other things.

    Oh, and Larry is a knob. You should read the letter he sent to staff. I'm pretty sure he was drunk when he wrote it. Complete lack of sensitivity and mostly nonsensical.

    [email protected]

    switch its focus

    See that kind of implies that they are going to do the same level of research, just in different areas. That's not what is happening.

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