Apple Reveals Hill

Apple Reveals Hill

Apple released details about its newest product today in Vogue, almost a month before the Apple event rumoured for March 15. Although this reveal was a departure from the company's standard keynote unveils, the choice to announce the new product in the pages of Vogue certainly fits with its growing shift towards high fashion. Tim Cook introduced Hill while standing on Apple's under-construction campus, where the gigantic earth-toned pyramid is already upstaging the incomplete $US5 billion Norman Foster-designed building. "Hard to know which is more beautiful, the building or that pile of dirt," Cook said about Hill.

So far Vogue writer Rob Haskell seems to be the only journalist to get a hands-on review of Hill. He describes it as "Giza brought to Cupertino", with smooth, stepped surfaces. Those who have become disillusioned with Apple's lack of meaningful innovation recently will definitely be pleased with this breathtaking new design direction.

"Both the hand and the machine can produce things with exquisite care or with no care at all," Apple design chief Jony Ive told Vogue. "But it's important to remember that what was seen at one time as the most sophisticated technology eventually becomes tradition. There was a time when even the metal needle would have been seen as shocking and profoundly new."

Cool. Nice pile of mud.


Screenshot via Duncan Sinfield's video



    You could fit a really long queue on that Hill.

    So what is it? Because all I see is a pile of dirt, and the article is ridiculously obtuse. Is the hill supposed to be part of a new building/compound, will it be an amusement park, a giant garden? Or is there actually a piece of tech that was being debuted that I somehow missed in the article?

    Actually thinking about this further, it's probably where Tim Cook has buried the Apple fortune "in the backyard."

    is this where they will remove the hearts of the non-believers and the fanatical sacrifices?
    Until i get more info on what "hill" is, im believing this is the truth.

    as an aside the "lack of meaningful innovation" reminds me of the mighty boosh episode where they conclude that the only way forward musically is to go back to traditional music.

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