An Australian Fire-Resistant Bag Is A Non-Solution To The Exploding Hoverboard Problem

A Fire-Resistant Bag Is a Non-Solution to the Exploding Hoverboard Problem

An Australian company believes it has come up with a way to finally make hoverboards safe — or at least safer. But instead of addressing the issue of faulty batteries and shoddy electronics, it's instead created a bag that it claims will safely contain your hoverboard's inevitable meltdown. To reiterate. Homescreen Media's Hovervault, as the bag is called, doesn't prevent your hoverboard from exploding, catching fire or turning into a puddle of toxic melted plastic. Apparently we're at the point where it's assumed all hoverboards will inevitably reach that point.

A Fire-Resistant Bag Is a Non-Solution to the Exploding Hoverboard Problem

The fire-resistant Hovervault (not fire-proof) is made of fibreglass composite materials that will contain the flames and heat when your hoverboard eventually explodes into flames — whether that's while it's charging, or while it's being transported. If the meltdown happens while you're riding and actually "hovering", the Hovervault can't help you, so it's best just to run away once you've captured the whole thing on video.

It's also important to note that the Hovervault doesn't suddenly make it OK to bring your hoverboard onto a plane. The $50 bag is actually designed to let smoke escape in the event of a fire, which is the last thing anyone wants filling a plane's cabin. The safest solution is to take your hoverboard and throw it into the nearest lake, but barring that, the Hovervault might one day prevent your home from being burnt to the ground.

[Hovervault via Gizmag]



    pity they don't have oxygen free environments for those who want to ride them in, that will curb unexpected fires and explosions real quick

    Stop crying Australia, we know you about your 'no fun allowed policy's'

      Haha, I know right.
      People should just be allowed to ride around on things that could burn their house to the ground and kill them!

        That's silly, they can't ride them around and set the house on fire, because, normal people would panic and put them out.

        They should leave on charge, go on a holiday to Bali, get a death sentence for carrying dope that the officers put in the themselves, come back from hell, then... wait a minute, that charger has 4 digits... ...going to Apple, I'll be back...

    Maybe they should also sell a "hoverhat" that has a built in sprinkler system for when your hoverboard catches fire when you are "hovering".

    Correct way to dispose of lithium-ion batteries (all types) is to store them fully submerged in salt water for 2 weeks (or umtill fully discharged/neutralised, SO throwing them in a lake is perfectly acceptable.

    We all know they don't hover, so that is the end of all that.

    LiPo safe sacs have been used for MANY YEARs, nothin to see here but a larger sac.

    Every RC-er should grab one a huge sac that can take all your lipo's (or a whole plane/car with batteries installed)should be a great storage idea (except that in the event of a fire you loose ALL your batteries, next thought, stick with lots of smaller bags.

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