All The News You Missed Overnight: What's Happening At Yahoo?

Good morning! It’s a busy world out there. All The News You Missed Overnight gives you a guide to everything techy that happened while you were sleeping.

Google's Cars Drive 4.8 Million Simulated Kilometres Every Day Google’s self-driving cars have racked up about 2.2 million self-driven kilometres on actual roads in the last six years, but as impressive as that sounds, it’s a pittance compared to what the simulators have been doing behind the scenes.

As part of its monthly report on self-driving cars, Google has detailed the simulators it uses to test out software changes for its fleet. Every kilometre driven by a car with sensors has been tabulated as a three-million-kilometre virtual test course for every version of Google’s software. Whenever code is changed, it “re-drives” all the kilometres that Google’s cars have driven in the real world before, to see how it reacts.

Yahoo Said To Be Exploring Strategic Options Yahoo is having a midlife crisis. Today, the company announced that it’s seeking strategic alternatives (that is, looking to sell some or all of its properties) in an attempt to generate more cash and please shareholders.

“The Board also believes that exploring additional strategic alternatives, in parallel to the execution of the management plan, is in the best interest of our shareholders,” said Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board Maynard Webb in a statement.

Mumbai's Garbage Fire Is So Huge You Can See It From Space Here is a trash fire. This new image posted by the NASA Earth Observatory shows the devastating smoke cloud coming off the Deonar dumping ground in Mumbai, India. According to the report, the landfill handles 3700 metric tonnes of waste ever day, accounting for about a third of the city’s garbage.

NASA sensors first detected signs of the fire last week. The above true colour image was captured by the Landsat 8. Though it’s hard to see from space, some of the trash piles are a startling nine storeys high. Here’s a more zoomed out image, which makes what is a horrible urban ecological disaster look beautiful.

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