All The News You Missed Overnight: Google Rolls Out Fibre To Public Housing

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Google Rolls Out Free Gigabit Ethernet To Public Housing Locations High-speed internet is improving across the US, but not everyone is experiencing the same level of improvement. Google wants to help solve that problem, albeit in a highly limited fashion.

The search giant announced last year it will provide free gigabit ethernet to public housing connected with Google Fibre. Residents of these buildings will automatically gain access to some of the fastest internet in America, at no cost to the housing authority or the residents. Now, Google is making good on its promise and upping the ante by offering gigabit speeds to some of the poorest Americans.

Is This Vigilante Group Fighting ISIS Or Just Feeding The Media A Fat Load Of Crap? In the past few months, dozens of media outlets reported on a disturbing secret app being used by ISIS members to exchange secure messages. The media reports were based on one another, as well as the word of a volunteer hacking collective called Ghost Security Group (GSG). Another story has also made the rounds recently: That this same group, GSG, found information and used it to stop a mass terrorist attack. These are compelling, terrifying stories — and they’re both stories with many holes, from a strange and unverifiable source.

Is a group of strangers working for free to supplement government counterterrorism intelligence in a significant way, or is this collective pulling off a massive hoax? The story of Ghost Security Group only gets weirder the closer you look.

What It's Like To Wear Bionic Earbuds If you love live music, the new Here Active Listening System is an impossibly nerdy idea that might change the way you experience your favourite hobby. I’ve been using one of the first production versions of the sound-altering tech for a few days, and I’m excited about the potential for a world in which I might never hear anything except for exactly what I want to — exactly the way I want to.

At its core, Here is two computerised earbuds which capture the sound from the world around you with a little microphone, process it in real time, and spit altered sound into your ear canal, according to parameters that you’ve set in the accompanying smartphone app. The buds are relatively discreet and fit snugly in your ear without any discomfort. At one point I did drop one of the black buds in a dark bar, and it took my five minutes and a lot of embarrassing smartphone-flashlight hunting to find it.

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