All The Bomber Aircraft That Could Carry Nuclear Weapons

All the Bomber Aircraft That Could Carry Nuclear Weapons

Video: Only five countries have been able to create strategic bomber aircraft with the capability of carrying nuclear weapons. That would be the US, Russia, the UK, France and China. We've put together this video that details every single one of those bombers. It's fascinating to see how each country develops its only style of aircraft for these missions. Which one is your favourite?


    Not quite all of them. The Republic F-105 was designed as a Nuclear strike fighter though it was never used in that capacity. The UK also operated the Blackburn Buccaneer as a carrier-based nuclear-capable strike bomber. France phased out the Mirage IV but the replacement Mirage 2000N is also nuclear strike capable, as is the Dassult Rafale.

      i think its more your strict bomber type, rather than hybrid bombers.

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