Air Hogs Tweaked The Helix To Be A Cheap Way To Get Into Drone Racing

Air Hogs Tweaked The Helix To Be A Cheap Way To Get Into Drone Racing

It may not be televised on ESPN yet, but one day drone racing will undoubtedly be a popular spectator sport. And if you want to get in on the ground floor, Spin Master has come up with a cheap way for amateur pilots to get racing experience, without losing an expensive drone in the process.

The Air Hogs Helix quadcopters are still some of the most stable and easy-to-pilot drones on the market, but the new Helix Race Drone sacrifices some of that ease-of-use in the name of speed.

It’s still easy to get airborne, and the protective foam cowls around the rotors ensure the Helix Race Drone will survive most collisions. When you transition from just hovering to forward flight the entire craft angles forward so all four engines are propelling it through the air. It’s still easy to pilot, but the added speed means it’s just as easy to crash if you’re an amateur.

Crashing a $700 racing drone is tragic, but crashing a $US60 ($84) drone that’s designed to survive most collisions? When you eventually make it to the big leagues you’ll definitely want to upgrade to something faster, but while you’re still honing your skills, this might be your best option. Australian pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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