Air Hogs Tweaked The Helix To Be A Cheap Way To Get Into Drone Racing

Air Hogs Tweaked the Helix to Be a Cheap Way to Get into Drone Racing

It may not be televised on ESPN yet, but one day drone racing will undoubtedly be a popular spectator sport. And if you want to get in on the ground floor, Spin Master has come up with a cheap way for amateur pilots to get racing experience, without losing an expensive drone in the process. The Air Hogs Helix quadcopters are still some of the most stable and easy-to-pilot drones on the market, but the new Helix Race Drone sacrifices some of that ease-of-use in the name of speed.

Air Hogs Tweaked the Helix to Be a Cheap Way to Get into Drone Racing

It's still easy to get airborne, and the protective foam cowls around the rotors ensure the Helix Race Drone will survive most collisions. When you transition from just hovering to forward flight the entire craft angles forward so all four engines are propelling it through the air. It's still easy to pilot, but the added speed means it's just as easy to crash if you're an amateur.

Crashing a $700 racing drone is tragic, but crashing a $US60 ($84) drone that's designed to survive most collisions? When you eventually make it to the big leagues you'll definitely want to upgrade to something faster, but while you're still honing your skills, this might be your best option. Australian pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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    Crashing a racing drone isnt tragic, they are made out of carbon fibre. The only thing that breaks is ur props. You also need some kind of video monitor or goggles for racing, cant fly by sight.

    I have an original Air Hogs Helix and highly recommend for indoor fun flying.

    For first time flyers of quad fpv racers, your best bet is the Eachine 250 from banggood, the whole kit right now is $427.
    I'd suggest going top of the line and get the Vortex 250 Pro, Taranis transmitter + D4R-II Ch receiver, 4S 1300mAh 4S batteries(tattu/lumenier), 5050 spare props, fatshark dominator v3 goggles, teamblacksheep have the whole setup, not cheap, you're looking at $1200 all up.

    If your serious about hobby racing, then the above two are my advice, dont waste your money on anything else, its just junk.

      I 2nd the Eachine 250 as a good starter quad. The only downside is the rear light tears off easily in a crash and the plastic arms whilst hardy are a pain to change over when broken, having to cut/unsolder the motor from the arm (I only just today got some flat carbon arms and about to perform some modding to get past this problem). Also ordered the Eachine goggles recently, since I've been using my phone through a transmitter for FPV.

        Could you tell me where you got the flat carbon arms?

          Hobby shops have a range of parts for racing drones and you can even try eBay.

          Just got them off Ebay. Their fairly stock standard arms for most 250 quads. Just requires a little modding to the frame if your slapping them on a Eachine 250.

    Airhogs... thats a name I havnt heard in almost 20 years

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