After Less Than Two Weeks, Deadpool Is Already The Biggest X-Men Movie Ever

After Less Than Two Weeks, Deadpool Is Already the Biggest X-Men Movie Ever

For almost seven years, 20th Century Fox sat on the script for Deadpool, scared that it wouldn't make any money. Now, two weekends after the film's release, it's already the highest grossing X-Men movie ever, in terms of US domestic, non-adjusted box office -- which is the metric everybody uses when they're talking about hits. As of February 22, Deadpool has grossed almost $US236 million in the United States, according to Box Office Mojo. During its entire run, the previous #1 X-film, X-Men: The Last Stand, grossed just over $US234 million.

Internationally, it's a bit of a different story. Deadpool is still chasing X-Men: Days of Future Past, which ended with a worldwide gross of about $US748 million. Deadpool, in just two weekends, has grossed about $US492 million globally. But that's a R-rated movie that hasn't opened everywhere across the world just yet. It has a chance to beat that, or at least come close.

There's no overstating how impressive this is on almost every level. The R-rating, the budget concerns, the release date, everything. Plus, it's not like the other X-Men movies were bombs. Even the lowest grossing one, 2013's The Wolverine, did about $US133 million domestically and is getting a sequel. Deadpool almost matched that amount in its first three days. To stand on top of a mountain that contains movies like X2, First Class, and Days of Future Past, is a fate 20th Century Fox probably couldn't have guessed would happen in the entire life of the film. Let alone its first two weekends. Deadpool is the new king of the X-Men.

And, in case you weren't aware, a sequel is already well underway. It will feature another character that was key to Deadpool's comic book origins, Cable.

Finally, if becoming the biggest X-Men movie ever wasn't enough, it was just a great weekend to be Deadpool. Number one at the box office, and with the seal of approval of some key Avengers. Well, mostly.

Too bad we'll never see those characters have that kind of interaction on the big screen.

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    I have absolutely no faith that this movie wouldn't of been god awful seven years ago. I'm glad it took this long, was freaking awesome.

      No faith that it wouldn't? So you had faith that it would have been good? Or was that double negative a mistake? I'm genuinely interested as I wasn't following it 7 years ago. Ryan Reynolds did say recently though the scripts didn't change much. Not that the movie was really about the 'great' plot, more about the character Deadpool who is awesome.

      Last edited 24/02/16 11:18 am

        He also said recently they originally wanted to make the movie PG13 and he had to push back quite a bit.

    Makes Deadpools comments about the Xmen house and their absence even funnier...

    Last edited 24/02/16 2:13 pm

      I thought that was a large part of what makes it work so well. Its a massively low budget (for a superhero movie), and when the character is pointing out that cheapness, it somehow becomes a plus.

      If someone else tried it, not sure it would work, but in this case, the whole 2 Xmen in the house line helped sell it. Not specifically that line, but how that whole 4th wall thing was handled.

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