After A 24 Year Struggle, Tesla Finally Nabbed From Nikola Tesla Fan

After a 24 Year Struggle, Tesla Finally Nabbed From Nikola Tesla Fan

For nearly two-and-a-half decades, an everyday Silicon Valley engineer has owned the domain name That streak of internet glory is over. Elon Musk has grabbed it, replacing his car company's clunkier Bloomberg reports that engineer and Nikola Tesla admirer Stu Grossman has apparently owned the domain since 1992, a long-ago claimed personal site that's been sitting largely inactive. However, Tesla has confirmed it now owns the name. Which is good for Tesla, because their electric cars keep getting more popular. Obviously, they'd prefer that people see those cars instead of some site about an awesome scientist, when they type into their browser.

The details of how exactly Tesla acquired the domain remain unclear. Maybe Elon Musk wrote a big check. Maybe Stu Grossman got a free car. In any case, it's a shame. The '90s-era Tesla fan site was awesome.


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    ...wrote a big "check" or a big "cheque"?

      "eque" being the same sound as "eck" is far too confusing for your average american, hence they bastardise the English language, and my browser spellchecker has just told me I should have spelt bastardise with a Z. :(

    I really hope he got paid. I hate when people get muscled out of their own property.

      :-) I remember a Simspons episode where MS uses two big guys to "negotiate" with Home. The comment was made "did you actually think I got rich writing cheques?"

      Luckily still belongs to Nissan Computer Corporation, even though Nissan Motors has almost killed them off completely.

        Wowsers, can't believe I didn't know this! Thanks for informing, I read the back story. Pretty crazy stuff but awesome to see him still standing.

    how do you check, if a check really is a cheque?

    That old site WAS awesome. I hope he can resurrect it somewhere else.

    How was it a 24 year struggle when Tesla Motors was not even founded until 2003?

      Because Tesla are the future of cars and 24 years would be sometime in the future...and stuff like that.

      To be continued...

      Elon has actually been after that domain for so long, he founded Tesla motors in the hope of getting the rights to the domain.
      The real question is, why it took him 11 years to orchestrate the creation and Series A funding of Tesla motors as part of his war over the domain name. Probably the failure of the EV1.

    trivia, the Frankenstein movie set contains a Tesla coil made by Nicola Tesla himself.

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