A Photo Of A Potato Just Sold For A Million Dollars

Not a gold potato, not a rare potato, not even a real potato -- but a photo of a potato. A million dollars. For a photo of a potato.

To be fair, it's got more to do with the photographer than the potato. Kevin Abosch's work includes portraiture of Johnny Depp, Bob Geldof, Steven Spielberg, and Yoko Ono. Even so, his average asking price is normally around the $288,000 mark.

The potato portrait sold at auction to " a European businessman" Business Insider reports.


    The way this article was written made me actually laugh out loud. That's rare. Thanks for that. :)

    Just goes to prove that money isn't worth the paper, or in our case plastic, it's written on.

    Geez... probably could have bought the actual potato for that, not just a photo of it.

    The art industry is what I call a bullshit industry and it sits second on the ladder, sitting underneath it is the wine industry, then the food industry followed by the coffee industry. All of them are self perpetuating bullshit.

    The granddaddy of all the bullshit industries is of course bottled water.

    I have left off the pseudo sciences and religion from the list, everyone know they are total bullshit.

      Its all about getting the world to talk about you AAAAAND remember in this case it the buyers identity is unknown so that leaves Kevin Abosch ..... who knows maybe business was slacking off a bit ......

    I suppose its no worse(or better) than buying an expensive oil painting from a famous artist. The dirt has something that gets me in. It talks of the intrensisity and absolutlicity of love.

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