A Human Avalanche Is What Happens When An Escalator Suddenly Reverses

A Human Avalanche Is What Happens When an Escalator Suddenly Reverses

Video: When most escalators break down they just temporarily become stairs (as the Mitch Hedberg joke goes). But this one decided to glitch in a way that actively ruined the days of the people riding it. The escalator, located in Ningbo in China's Zhejiang Province, suddenly reversed, creating a deluge of falling human bodies and no one seems to know why. Five people received minor injuries. The takeaway here is just use the stairs -- not because it's healthier, but because stairs don't really have the option to malfunction.

[YouTube via Neatorama]


    I doubt it has reverse escalated; if the GIF is real time; it seems more like the mechanical link that carries the stair belt has detached itself and the belt is now in free fall..


      I mean, did you see how many people are on that thing? Clearly it was way past it's maximum capacity.

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