The Very Fancy Fitbit Alta Is Available From Today

The Fitbit Alta is here, and promises to be the slim, sleek fashion-forward fitness wearable of our dreams. Here's all the details.

Looks-wise it's got a satin finish, stainless steel body and a range of customisable, interchangeable bands in various colours and materials to choose from -- including leather and silver. There's a quick-release function so you can switch the style of your band to suit the occasion.

Tory Burch's designer accessory range for Fitbit will also extend to the Alta, at a date yet to be announced.

To see your activity stats or the time, you tap the OLED display -- which you can also customise with a range of clock face options.

You can receive call, text and calendar notifications via on-screen message and vibration when your phone is within bluetooth range.

In terms of tracking, you've got your all-day activity, exercise and sleep covered -- as expected -- which assists with providing in depth stats on your overall health.

What's new is "Reminders to Move" to keep you, well, moving. You will be prompted to meet a series of mini-goals throughout the day, consisting of of 250 steps an hour -- with a pat on the back when you do.

Automatic recognition via SmartTrack of when who are performing a workout promises to make tracking easier and more intuitive, providing insights into how exercise fits into your daily activity. SmartTrack is designed to detect and record a range of activities beyond just walking and running, such as outdoor biking, elliptical, dance classes, cardio-kickboxing, basketball, soccer and tennis.

For goals, the focus is on weekly check-ins via the app, which Fitbit says will "encourage you to find and embrace a more consistent fitness routine that works for you".

Compatibility is extensive, with accessability to Fitbit's tools and apps on over 200 Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices and computers.

The battery life for the Alta is up to 5 days for a singe charge.

Fitbit Alta is available for $199.95 for presale today at, and will be available in major Australian retailers including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks and Rebel Sport from March 2016.

Launch accessories include classic fitness bands available in black, blue, teal and plum for $49.95 and luxe soft, premium hide leather bands available in graphite and blush pink for $99.95.

The camel leather band ($99.95) and hand-polished stainless steel silver bangle ($169.95) are coming soon, with a shiny gold bangle to be available later in 2016.

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    Will be interesting to see how this one goes, looks a lot like my Band 2. I have found though that with the step counter my partner's Fitbit counts bumps in the car etc as steps while the Band does not. We did a 20 hour drive and at the other end my partners Fitbit had 16,000 steps. Was very entertaining!

      The Band consistently has a lower step count because it only counts 'active steps'. So it won't count any steps taken if you take less than 10 steps in a row.

      So, you take 5 steps and sit back down again, and Band will say "Pfft, that's not activity I'm not counting it".

      If you take 15 steps the counter won't move for the first 10 and then on your 12th step it'll credit you back the 12 steps you've just taken and keep counting until you stop moving.

      Last edited 04/02/16 12:35 pm

        Good to know :D we had a good laugh about it when we got home as the missus beat my whole family for her daily step comp by siting in a car!

    sooo new and improved... still can't do anything my phone can't right? other than make you look like a douche wearing a bad looking bracelet

    I need it to be WATERPROOF! At least enough for a swim.

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