Zeiss Is Finally Making High-quality Lenses For Your iPhone

Zeiss Is Finally Making High-quality Lenses For Your iPhone

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, but sometimes the fixed lens on your smartphone can limit your creativity. So Zeiss, makers of some of the finest camera glass out there, is finally making high-quality external lenses for the iPhone 6s including a telephoto, a wide-angle and a zoomable macro option.

Zeiss Is Finally Making High-quality Lenses For Your iPhone

Zeiss is obviously not the first company to introduce external lenses that enhance the limited optics of a smartphone's camera, but the company's new aluminium and glass offerings will almost certainly be some of the best options out there when available sometime around the middle of 2016.

In order to use the new Zeiss lenses with the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus (and additional devices supported later on) you'll need a way to mount them to your smartphone. So Zeiss has also teamed up with Fellowes' ExoLens brand on a machined aluminium bracket that easily attaches to your device and allows the lenses to be securely screwed on and off as you swap them. The bracket will also feature a standard tripod mount, and a cold shoe for attaching other accessories so you can really up your photography game.

[Zeiss via PetaPixel]



    Wow, now an iPhone can have the same optics as every Sony and Nokia phone has had forever.

    Like having a high end 4k tv and watching a standard def dvd. Little point to nice glass like this when the standard phone lens in the way.

      Exactly, why waste your money ? But people will I guess.

        I imagine the main reason would be to change the field of view to get more or less into the frame. You know. high quality optical zoom instead of useless, shitty digital zoom.

    Once they get too bulky might as well step up to the DxO One

    If they are able to do anything like what the speedbooster does for other lenses, maybe it could work kind of OK? Personally I would use my NEX5N if I wanted to take a proper photo. but maybe if these can give a bit more depth of field or I guess extra zoom, maybe they would be ok. Most flagship phone cameras are quite good these days, along with their lenses.

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