You Can't Play As Rey In Star Wars: TFA Monopoly

#wheresrey? Not in this Monopoly set. That's right. Playing as The Force Awaken's main character — MAIN CHARACTER, PEOPLE — simply isn't an option.

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly you can choose to play as one of four male characters from the Star Wars franchise — Luke Skywalker, Finn, Kylo Renn or Darth Vader. But there's no sign of the film's protagonist, Rey.

The inclusion of Vader instead is particularly disappointing as he doesn't even appear in the most recent film, unless you count his mangled helmet. It really makes you think when a symbolic death mask is viewed as more significant than the female lead.

This discovery comes off the back of a disappointing visit to toy aisles where I have been endlessly scouring shelves for Rey merchandise.

Potential loot so far includes a couple of t-shirts, a plush toy, an action figure with her speeder and some adorable kid's costumes. Rey is definitely existent in some merchandise, but her presence is in no way comparable to the amount of products emblazoned with the male characters from the film.

I think eight year old Annie Rose sums it up best:

I really thought the arrival of Rey signalled the potential for some major changes for the frequency of female characters appearing on movie merchandise. Perhaps even in direct relation to the importance of their role in the film. Was I wrong? Have you had better luck than I have finding Rey?

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    "Girls don't buy X" is one of the most frustrating self-fulfilling bits of nonsense in marketing.

    Girls don't buy action figures, so we won't make action figures of women. Hey look, our most popular figure was a dude. We were right!

    Don't think this is a direct dig at Rey at all.... just some dumb move on their behalf to push units with familiar characters. Should really be 6-8 characters which should include Rey and BB-8... and if it was to be balanced I would have done:

    - Rey
    - Finn
    - Han
    - Luke

    - Kylo Ren
    - Snoke
    - Phasma or Hux
    - Vader

    You'd also think BB-8 would be in there.

    Seems like they made this a LONG time ago, and just used some cheap/basic characters because they weren't privvy to much info on the movie.... either way it's a complete copout.... still don't think it's a direct dig at Rey though.

      Even if they didn't know the background of the movie (they knew Kylo Ren and Finn existed, and that Finn was more important than Poe, so they can't have been totally in the dark), they could at least have taken a glance at the poster.

      "Hey, that woman who is clearly the most prominent person on the entire poster ... do you think maybe she's important? Nah. Couldn't be. Let's go with the guy hiding behind her and a villain who's been dead since 1983."

        It's dumb, completely dumb.... but I still don't buy that they didn't put her in it "because it's a girl". That's almost giving it credit for how dumb the characters in this release are.... I would even say they had the Vader and Luke molds lying around to save a buck and that's why they used them haha..... SO dumb.

          There is no Rey because Disney considered her especially appealing and has a merchandise ban on her that is stricter and with different release date than other characters....

          For some reason Kylo stuff was allowed to be made and Sold will before the film's release date.

          There is still a ban on old Luke for example.... Disney bean counters obviously think they can maximise their merchandising dollars this way.

            Now that, makes way more sense..... bizarre choices, but at least it makes sense.

            There are like 6 different official Rey action figures for sale, a couple vinyl pops, Lego pieces of her, and Disney infinity piece of her. There is no 'ban' on Rey toys.

    Yeah, everyone is taking this as a "Sexist Move" but I highly doubt any executive at Hasbro sat there and said "Bah, Rey is a girl, girls are lame and won't sell, let's not bother", pretty sure Hasbro already explained their reasoning behind the lack of Rey toys initially, whether those reasons were that great or not, I really don't think they were "Sexist".

    it kind of reminds me of Target's initiative to remove gender labelling from children's toy displays, but then stacking the shelves in such a way that they have gendered it again (picture above in the twitter feed being a prime example using colours).
    The lego friends line is the most irritating example of that gender boundary that the department stores put in place unnecessarily by segregating and packaging it in such a blatant example of gender stereotyping.
    Like Trjn has said, once the boundary lines have been set up, the self fulfilling prophecy of this gender doesn't want this so we wont make that (without really letting the children decide) perpetuates to the same gendered stereotypes we have dealt with for waaay too long.

    why are you surprised? not a single female went to see star wars, they went to see hunger games! hasbro had people at every cinema counting people and confirmed so.
    there are also no female star wars cosplayers - those are all men in slave leia costumes.

    hasbro knows what you want - what they tell you.

      i can personally debunk the "no female went to see Star Wars" theory.
      me and my sister and her friends (all females) went to see it at the premiere

    I wanted something Rey related for my desk as she really makes the movie, only thing i've been able to find is the Disney Infinity figurine, there is hardly anything else of her out there. Seems to be more Darth Vader and R2D2 stuff than Rey and BB-8 which is just strange.

      Yeah its pretty frustrating! The black series rey is pretty nice, there's also a couple of rey pop vinyls. I really want the t shirt I've seen kicking around of rey on her speeder bike but so far only found it as a women's tee.

      Last edited 06/01/16 11:47 am

        I have that shirt. It is awesome.

      It's not strange.... Each character has different dates and deals, add the lead, Disney is asking more for Rey and giving her different dates than others.

      Kylo was the cheapest and earliest, with most merchandising contacts allowing him to be sold before the movie was released. Probably Disney considered him as advertising.

      Most contracts for Rey are for until 6 to 8 weeks after release of film.

      Tl:dr: Disney pricing system.

    There are 4 game pieces, and two of them are Luke and Vader.
    Im guessing this was made a long, long time ago, and in a galaxy that had very little awareness of the movie - like maybe the initial trailer release?

      Bet you the chinese knock off monopoly sets have more relevant characters.

      Rylo Ken
      Captain Plasma
      Hon Solo
      Death Vader
      Luke Walker
      Gold Robot

    That is just plain stupid, however as far as saying no star wars in the girls section or whatever most of the places i have been to they have had their own star wars section (given mainly towards the boys toys) with everything on those shelves.

    Now i know people are not being silly with all of this as i have had a gripe in recent days about how a certain character in paw patrol is marketed the only female dog is not shown on any boys clothes and her toys are being placed well away from the other paw patrol figures because it is pink. My son loves paw patrol and all the characters he doesn't care about gender or colour so walking down an aisle or looking elsewhere for 1 character seems stupid to us.

    The game was weird, I think it was meant to be more of a 'concept' monopoly than a real one but someone went, screw it, put it out and make some cash. The rules are very vague, now we know most people enjoy making up their own monopoly rules or blatantly changing them to their own purposes, but these rules just leave a lot of unresolved conflicts. I found it strange that they had kylo and darth on the dark side, a storm trooper would have made more sense honestly... I also didn't understand why there were only 4 tokens, especially since the way the game is to be played (light vs dark side) means that it is already a 'shortened' version of monopoly, so having fewer players just makes it that much shorter. Not a lot of clarity over whether people are meant to work as a team or use the team to their individual advantage.

    I think it is actually a version that will cause MORE conflict than not, which is stupid since that's the thing people hate most about monopoly other than how long it takes to play.

    Whinging about nothing. This was a no win situation for Hasbro. If they exclude Rey they're sexist, if they excluded Finn they're racist. If they excluded Luke and Vader, they're not using two of the most iconic Star Wars characters from the past 40 years.

    I suppose we're also all ignoring the fact that Rey is the least interesting hero in the film. The only aspect of her character that anyone cares about is how she's related to Luke Skywalker (or Obi-Wan Kenobi, if you buy into that theory).

    I get that it's weird to not include Rey in this set, but judging from the picture they chose one hero and one villain from the original trilogy and the new movie, and I think it makes more sense to use Finn.

    Forget gender or race, it's just nice to see a space muggle included in a roster of space wizards.

    Talk about a non-issue. Han's not there either, and he's a bigger player in the film than Luke is.

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