You Can Use Regular Watch Bands On Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker

Misfit's been owned by Fossil for less than two months, but are we already seeing the accessory maker's stylish influence on the brand's fitness trackers? Misfit's new Ray is a far cry from the sports watch form factor more common with wearables, and you can dress it up with standard 8mm watch bands.

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker

The Ray's cylindrical aluminium body measures in at just over 3.1cm in length, not including its silicone strap that can be easily swapped out with leather watch bands that use a spring-pin mechanism to attach to it. Fitness tracking metrics include the usual suspects like steps taken, pool lengths swam or your overnight sleep patterns.

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker

Available in rose gold or carbon black finishes for $US100 ($139) sometime this autumn, the Ray's only distinguishing feature is a multicolor LED indicator that works alongside a vibration motor inside for subtle feedback about text or call notifications, alarms or inactivity nudges. It's also completely waterproof to a depth of 50m, and will track your physical activity for a full six months before requiring a new battery.

When paired with the Misfit Link smartphone app the Ray will automatically upload your day-to-day metrics over Bluetooth so you can track your progress over time. But the app can also use the Ray's accelerometer to detect tapped patterns, cleverly turning the fitness tracker into a wearable camera shutter trigger or music remote configured to your preferences.


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    Misfit seems to have quietly dropped the announced Swarovski Shine crystal that was intended to charge via solar (bit sad, it was going to be purple, I was sort of hanging out for it).

    Props to them for going much more for a jewelry design approach. My first thought is that the Ray isn't really my style, but then I glanced down at my hand-me-down Fitbit Flex...yeah, it's *way* nicer.

    Misfit misfits.
    Looks ugly!
    "... requiring a new battery" Wow! Tell them it's 21st century today.

      i don't know about you but I'd personally prefer this over nightly charging. There are a number of smart watches or bands such as Withings Pop that engage this methods. I think a few dollars on the battery twice a year is better than daily hassle.

      and beauty is subjective. maybe it is just your style.

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