You Can Now Periscope From Your GoPro

You Can Now Periscope From Your GoPro

GoPro doesn’t want you to smash your phone. That’s what it says is the main reason behind the latest software update to its Hero 4 action cameras, working in partnership with Periscope, which let you use the camera itself as your digital eyes and ears — at least if you have an iPhone.

Periscope announced the news on Medium. The latest version of the Periscope app has a new button on its start screen that lets you select your GoPro (Hero 4 and newer cameras like the Session, at least), as long as you have said GoPro set up and successfully connected via Wi-Fi. From there, you can broadcast live using the GoPro as long as it stays within Wi-Fi range of your iPhone, and the app lets you switch between GoPro and iPhone interchangeably — giving you a faux two-camera setup for some seriously documentary-style recording.

The app also lets you lock your phone screen while still broadcasting, too, so you can tuck it away safely and rely on your GoPro. The first question — “do you plan on making an Android version?” — hasn’t been answered just yet. Here’s hoping! [Periscope]

We’ve seen people put their phones in some precarious situations — they’ve been taped to drones, tied to balloons and submerged underwater. Creativity always finds a way, but we wanted to make it a little bit easier. Today, you can broadcast from your GoPro HERO 4 directly to Periscope for iPhone. Keep that phone safely tucked away. 
Here’s how it works:    

  1. Connect to your GoPro’s WiFi, making sure it’s on video mode.
  2. Open Periscope on your iPhone & tap the broadcast button.
  3. The GoPro button will automatically be highlighted — give your broadcast a title and go live.