CONFIRMED: The Oculus Rift Will Cost Australians Over $1100 [Updated]

You Can Finally Preorder the Oculus Rift Right Now for $US600 ($840)

Want an Oculus Rift? Go order one. They cost $US600 ($840), plus the price of whatever powerful computer you'll need for VR. (Your dusty old PC probably won't work, by the way.) Preorders are open right now, and the device will start shipping on March 28. Update: Shipping has now been pushed back to May, and the pricing for Australian customers is $US649 ($920). Update, 10:58 AM (AEDT): Oculus has confirmed that all Australian pre-orders of the Rift are in US dollars, not Australian.

That brings the total price for the Rift including shipping to $1103.34 at today's exchange rates (US$781), as can be seen below from the test order I went to process earlier this morning.



Update #2, 11:09 AM (AEDT): If you're a Kiwi — your prices are in USD too, although the exchange rate is much more palatable ($1052.64 at the time of writing).

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