CONFIRMED: The Oculus Rift Will Cost Australians Over $1100 [Updated]

You Can Finally Preorder the Oculus Rift Right Now for $US600 ($840)

Want an Oculus Rift? Go order one. They cost $US600 ($840), plus the price of whatever powerful computer you'll need for VR. (Your dusty old PC probably won't work, by the way.) Preorders are open right now, and the device will start shipping on March 28. Update: Shipping has now been pushed back to May, and the pricing for Australian customers is $US649 ($920). Update, 10:58 AM (AEDT): Oculus has confirmed that all Australian pre-orders of the Rift are in US dollars, not Australian.

That brings the total price for the Rift including shipping to $1103.34 at today's exchange rates (US$781), as can be seen below from the test order I went to process earlier this morning.



Update #2, 11:09 AM (AEDT): If you're a Kiwi -- your prices are in USD too, although the exchange rate is much more palatable ($1052.64 at the time of writing).



    Nope, for Australian customers it is USD$649 (AUD$920) + shipping.
    Shipping is USD$131, so the total is nearly $1200 Australian, and that is without the touch-controller.
    Expected ship-date is now showing May 2016.

    I'm really thinking packing in the XBOX controller is a mistake, they are obviously selling a lot of these on pre-order, but I think mass adoption is unlikely at this price.

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      Realistically this was never going to be a product the masses would purchase, at least in the first generation. The hardware requirements to use this device put this into the top 5%~10% of PC Gamers that use 3DMark to bench their systems.

      $1,200 is certainly expensive and being in the 10% I'm still unsure about pulling the trigger this early.

      Besides, Oculus frequently says their product won't be for mass adoption this generation anyway, they're saying that a million units is their dream number, that's very low when talking about a gaming market. Any one recent console would beat that, and it's far more work to get your game VR ready that, say, WiiU ready. They combat this with the GearVR they produced with Samsung. Google, Samsung, etc. are currently the companies that require making consumer, cheap VR. HTC, Valve, Sony are working on the middle ground. Oculus on the other hand are going all the way and trying to make something similar to the Hololense I scope.

      Sorry for the ranting and I'm sure you probably know almost all of this anyway so feel free to ignore my mad ramblings.

        It is such a long way from their stated target of $300 though, I think a lot of early adopters may well stick with their DK2, especially as you can get the EVE Valkyrie alpha on your DK2 now...

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        I have no issues dropping 2k on a pair of cutting edge graphics cards. 1200 for 1st gen untested hardware though...

          First gen? Have you any idea how long they've been playing around with this concept and the amount of iterations it's been through so far before they were finally happy with it enough to release it? This is likely a very highly polished product. Unfortunately it will likely be received same way Battlefront has been. All the spit and polish applied, not enough substance/expensive for what it is etc

        Yeah well they don't want everyone to have one. They want the Rift and Vive to be exclusive (for the hardcore gamer).
        I sure as hell am not pre-ordering either of them, wait till they are on sale in Australia, as it costs a lot less to ship a container load of anything than it does to ship an individual item.
        Also the price is so high to cover development costs (even though the Rift was crowdfunded but then I guess they are greedy buggers).
        The price will go down, as competition increases.

      Also the tax free threshold is 1000 aud on imported goods including shipping so some people may be stung with that as well if I'm not mistaken.

        Pretty sure that doesn't include the $131 shipping (seriously what the, at that shipping), as well as Oculus have stated that the price includes all Tax for your region.

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          Actually GST IS applicable. Anyone ordering this will most likely have to pay it to clear customs.

          They'd also possibly be up for duty as well, as that has an A$1000 threshold too (though if coming from the US, we do have free-trade agreement or reduced tariffs from there).

          So I'd expect it to be over the A$1100 quoted!!

      Alternatively you can get it for around 950aud if you buy from states through a remailer.

    @Bushrat011899 The hardware requirements to use this device put this into the top 5%~10% of PC Gamers that use 3DMark to bench their systems.
    Not all gamers use benchmarking tools, it doesnt even have a Mac tool.

    In fact, the Rift specs are pretty low all things considered, even lower (CPU and RAM) than the recommended specs for Star Wars Battlefront.
    ~$450 AMD 290 / GTX 970
    ~$275 i5-4590
    ~$100 USB3 Motherboard and 8gb of ram

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      The 970 means you are running everything in low detail, hardly the experience you would want after ponying up over a grand for the headset.

        Those are Occulus' recommended specs - not minimum specs.
        Edit: Incidentally, Occulus are linking to "Occulus ready" computers by Dell/Alienware and Asus.
        The Alienware X51 comes with th GTX970
        The ASUS models appear to both have the GTX-980

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          Occulus is using "recommended" and "minimum" interchangeably. Luckey said on Reddit today that the 970 will be the equivalent of running games on low settings, but with a steady 90 fps (which apparently is absolutely necessary).

      VR is not for Mac, not Oculus VR anyway.

    Why does it cost more for Australia? It's the same product isn't it? Sure shipping will vary, but the base price changes as well...

      A lot of companies charge extra to sell here, the latest Nexus phones got a hefty Australia tax.

      Some things are cheaper here though, I bought a 1tb xbone with 5 games for AU$499, in Walmart the same deal is US$515 which works out at AU$730, so we are 33% cheaper!

      The package comes with 'cables'. Perhaps there is extra for AU power socket connectors? At $50 extra though I'd find that hard to believe.

      I'd like to see the cost of a 'bare bones' package (sans controller, remote) though. I'm sure shipping would still be $132.

    No, Nope, Bugger Off.!
    That price is just plain greedy, gauging, ripoff.
    Will wait for common sense to take hold!
    I was so looking forward to this too and it's not that I can't afford it, I just can't justify it.

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      It is expensive yes, but hardly price gouging. Remember that as an early adopter you are paying the price for heavy development costs. For it to be price gouging, it would need to be a product sale that was taking advantage of the needy, which it's not. It's a niche product for gaming, currently a luxury product to some degree. Also, before you throw the greedy word around, remember that no-one is forcing you to buy it and there are competitors about to hit the market soon, it's also worth noting that kickstarter backers that bought the dev kit are being sent a retail version for free from what I hear.

      Wait for competition to arrive, then consider buying at a reduced price.

        There may be a bit of hyperbole in my comment, but this thing has, as you have said, been backed by enthusiasts from the start, so I doubt they need to recoup much at all. The price however, is ridiculous, which is a shame because I doubt the competition can match or exceed the abilities of the Occulus. I fully intend to wait for common sense to kick in.

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          They actually need to recoup about US$2 billion just to break even. Remember this is what Facebook paid for Oculus VR when they took over back in 2014.
          The kickstarter campaign raised something like 2.5 m.
          That's quite a deep hole crawl out of.
          What I dont know though is what particular patents Facebook acquired with the purchase that would make them willing to pay so much for the company, especially when several other companies have very similar offerings now, or about to release soonish anyway.

            All true, but I'm sure that kind of money is a drop in the bucket to FB. I would have thought they could recoup the money faster by making them cheaper and selling more because of it. This thing has the potential to become ubiquitous if they do it right. Anyway, it's a waste of time getting pissed at them now, hopefully HTC Vive will jog them into line, it seems to have similar specs and I like the camera too.

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              From those who get to play with all this stuff have all said the Vive is amazing!

              yep the vive is the same price so no go at that end either.

    $1200 !!! well frak me... i never thought it would be around $300 like the dev2 and was guessing around double so around $600 .... but $1200 ?? Frak i would rather get a new samsung phone and there new VR Headset instead !.

    First cab off the ranks, hopefully once Sony's VR headset and the Vive are out in the wild, competition will drive the price down. Sony can be pretty fierce with their pricing and marketing when they want to be.

      Agreed. we've seen Sony play the market incredibly shrewdly before, strategically losing money up front to ultimately win the high def format war. They know to play the long game.

      It seems strange that Oculus would misstep like this coming into what will surely be a year of fierce competition for VR tech. They're (mostly) the first to market and had a chance to get these into every slavering geek's hands (mine included).

      I'm super keen on VR and had the price point had been better, I would have gleefully ignored the warning signs and had mine on pre-order by now.

      I got a few expensive hobbies, so $1k toys don't scare me. But on bleeding edge tech with competition just around the corner it's enough to make me pause and see how this shakes out.

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    I purchased one last night thinking the $649 was AUD price as other countries had there price listed and nothing to say US dollars. I'm seriously considering cancelling this morning.

    Oh wow, that's a lot of money. I really want one but not for that kind of cash.

    Nope nope nope, $1k for a headset is bonkers, imagine the awesome monitors you can get for that, or a phone/headset combo with the gearVR. Besides after years of hype and delays I'm not sure I care anymore. Maybe see what the Vive/sony comes out with.

    It changes from $599 to $649 when you change the region to Australia.

    Can anyone confirm if this is indeed $649 USD?

    Edit: CNET AU is reporting it costs $649 AUD

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      Yes it it $649 USD, plus $131 USD Shipping, which means you will also most likely be hit with 10% GST on top of that total.

    a thousand dollars is a bit expensive for something that might make me throw up......I might wait until my local GUF has one to try..........if its good enough then maybe..........

    This is going to be an exciting week for VR, so Oculus founder Palmer Luckey will be answering all your questions during a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, January 6 at 6pm Pacific Time. We look forward to hearing from you.
    I'm logging on to watch the train-wreck unfold.

    time for a cold harsh virtual reality check...

    So much for the sub $500 consumer price tag.
    What a time to be living in Australia.

      And the RBA chief states it's great for the economy. Moron doesn't realise we don't make anything ....Greece 2.0 coming up

    I would have thought being FB owned that they would have absorbed some of the cost to get their product out to the masses , o well no headset for me after waiting 3 years :-(

      not to mention that you need a decent computer in order to get the most out of such a device.
      Graphics card alone would be $700+

        Yup you are dead right mate i am literally in the process of building a new system for the rift. I have decided to go with the gigabyte 1070 gtx atm $769.00 for that 1 in the founders edition. Rest of the build i come in around $900. I5 6600, Msi z170 Tomahawk m/b, Corsair vengence DDR4 8 gig, Antec Modular 620w p/s. With a cpu cooler and some other bits like case and such. So with the oculus it comes in around $2600-2800 total. Considering i was looking at doing a trip screen display the rift actually brings me in way cheaper then what it would cost me to do the multi display's for games like Warthunder and other such simulators.

    Ouch! Considering they are developing VR as a new gaming,application and media platform that price is too steep for new entry. Wrong business model imo. Consoles are sold at cost or below to establish market dominance and profit from licensing and online services... they are missing the oppotunity to gain market saturation early considering they have both Steam (who already has the online services in place) and Sony (who has the market experience) being their biggest competitors

    STOP UPDATING, Price has doubled.
    More than the GPU to run it, now

    $1100. I see, so i'm assuming these come with a bottle of lube as well?

    Yeah I wouldn't even think of dropping that sort of money unless I could try it out. Still not convinced it wouldn't just be a gimmick.

    1200 for the VR, god knows how much for a new comp to run it, just to see some movies and a handful of below average games. No thanks. Either the price comes down and it can run on any basic computer or all the games that are released for it are top shelf can't live without games. If one or the other doesn't arise, then this will fade out and die like Google glass. I'm betting it's going to die.

      Google Glass didn't die.

      That's like saying Occulus died after releasing DK1. Then they came out with DK2.

      I'm awaiting the 'miraculous' return of Google Glass. The press release announing the end of the explorer program even mentioned it was graduating to having it's own group within Google - ie a real product. I don't know why every single tech/news reporting place never read that.

        Didn't this site have a story last week about Google glass being dead ?

          I missed one last week but everywhere did when Google dropped the press release. It was so bizarre because it clearly stated otherwise.

    I assumed that as the original price of $599 did not state a currency and changing the region to Australia, raising the price to $649, also did not state a currency, the price was related to the region.

    I’m now learning my $781 ($649 + $132 Shipping) is USD and actually going to cost me a little over $1100.

    The fact is I’d have bought it either way but I still feel mislead, it’s almost twice what I expected to pay and I assume I’m not alone. Being charged $50 more, some very pricy shipping and a poor exchange rate makes this a tough sell down under.

    I also noticed the original delivery was March, by the time I got my payment though 15mins later it was April, by 7am it was May and it now states Q2 2016. I’m assuming these are batches and not an overall delay?

    Well it can go f#*k itself then...

    I feel a bit gutted after seeing that price. I know the Sony unit won't be as capable, but would I be right in guessing that for approximately the same amount of money, I could get a PS4 and the Sony "Morpheus" when it comes out?

      Sony can sell at a loss or at cost and make the money back on games. You buy the peripheral once, but you keep coming back for the games.

    It is likely misleading and deceptive conduct under Aust law. You would have a strong claim.

      What bit is misleading and what part of it is under Australian law jurisdiction?

      Last edited 07/01/16 1:36 pm

    They charge us GST because they ship from a warehouse in Australia. Yet they charge us in USD with no indication of that.
    You actually get charged Australian GST in USD.

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