Yep, Another Hoverboard Recall

Two weeks into 2016, and the list of hoverboards recalled in Australia for fear of injuring users -- or for fear of them catching on fire -- continues to grow. We're not going to write about every single recall, as fun as that would be, so let this post be a mark in the sand -- stop buying the damn things.

Let's put this in perspective. In the last month, there have been nine product safety recalls in the Electricals category. Every single one has been a hoverboard. They are not safe. Poorly built chargers and poorly built batteries are a recipe for disaster, and the ACCC is right to crack down on their sale.

If you own a hoverboard, this is what you should do with it. Click through below to get a constantly updated list of which hoverboard(s) you should be returning post haste, lest it blow up in your face. [ACCC]  




    Imagine the rollercoaster that the product suppliers must be on.

    1. OK, hopefully this will sell - given it's expensive
    2. Great - some good sales courtesy of the Back to the Future date
    3. Excellent - Free PR is really driving sales. Order more - this is going gangbusters
    4. Oh a fire. Oh well.
    5. Oh, being named the worst Christmas present ever in a newspaper coverpage spread
    6. Returns, so many returns
    7. I hope that I at least make $1 from all this pain

      8. I hope that I don't lose more than a couple of hundred thousand dollars, this is a nightmare

        9. Source hoverboards that pass complience tests from somewhere other then alibaba

          10. Rename device "The Trail Blazer" and give a catchy catchphrase like "Now you're Smokin' ! " - Profit

            Product is red hot etc etc

    Just for some balance to these articles i thought that i should chime in with my input. I had a Xiaomi Ninebot brought in (owners of Segway) and it is not only working fine, it is pretty amazing.
    It can go up to 30klm at running pace (16kph) and has handled pretty much everything i have thrown at it. I just hope that these well made and damn useful things are not outlawed just because of a few cheap crappy knockoffs.

      Or y'know you could just walk, save a stupid amount of money, get some exercise and not be despised by everyone you see.

    If I had the capital, I would be buying these cheap and nasty little buggers, installing a known good battery and supplying it with a suitable charger. On sell as the new and improved version. Winning.

    That's what people get for buying the cheaper alternatives from the actual original group of companies making these... remember seeing them when they first came out being 1500-2000 now see them as low as a few hundred... which of course probably has corners cut and pieces cheap... let along ppl complaining they are unsafe as ppl fall off them.... we don't recall skateboards or scooters that ppl fall off... but then again they don't catch fire lol

    This is Karma at work for naming the stupid things hoverboards.

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