Yep, Another Hoverboard Recall

Two weeks into 2016, and the list of hoverboards recalled in Australia for fear of injuring users — or for fear of them catching on fire — continues to grow. We're not going to write about every single recall, as fun as that would be, so let this post be a mark in the sand — stop buying the damn things.

Let's put this in perspective. In the last month, there have been nine product safety recalls in the Electricals category. Every single one has been a hoverboard. They are not safe. Poorly built chargers and poorly built batteries are a recipe for disaster, and the ACCC is right to crack down on their sale.

If you own a hoverboard, this is what you should do with it. Click through below to get a constantly updated list of which hoverboard(s) you should be returning post haste, lest it blow up in your face. [ACCC]  


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