Y'all Played A Lot Of Xbox On Boxing Day Holiday

More people logged on to Xbox Live on 28 December 2015 than any other day in Xbox history, Microsoft has revealed among figures that include Window 10 uptake.

In less than six months from release, Windows 10 has shown the fasted growth trajectory of any version of Windows ever. Uptake is 140 per cent greater than Windows 7, and 400 per cent greater than Windows 8.

Microsoft say that customer satisfaction is a lot higher than with previous versions, too.

11 billion hours have been clocked on Windows 10 so far, on over 200 million devices around the world, including the Xbox One.

Gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games on Windows 10 in 2015, and have streamed more than 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs.

741 million hours have been spent in Microsoft Edge across Windows 10 devices in just the last month.

Over 2.5 billion questions have been asked of Cortana since launch, and over 82 billion photos viewed within the Windows 10 Photo app.

People are even using Bing -- yes, Bing -- more compared to prior versions of Windows, with search queries up 30%.

I think it's time to fess up. Which of you have been using Bing? And what *were* you playing on Boxing Day holiday?

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    "People are even using Bing — yes, Bing — more compared to prior versions of Windows, with search queries up 30%."
    Most common Bing Search Query - "How to change Windows 10 default search to Google"

    No bing, I turned off searches from the start menu right away. Also have not spend more than 5 minutes in Edge. Using Google Ultron right not actually.

    Didnt play any xbox, dont use edge, dont use bing. Wrong audience, this should be on www.oldpeoplewhodontknowhowtousecomputer.com.au

      Clicked the link. Got sad it wasn't real :(

    I never bothered to change away from Bing on my SP4, and it's actually been... ok. Most of the time I don't even notice the search results being particularly unusable or obtuse compared to what I requested. It is only when I search something local or more ocker that Bing fails and I remember just what site I'm using.

    I'm surprised that residual tryptophan from the turkey the day before - and inevitable leftovers - didn't knock more gamers out more effectively :)

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