Would An ATM Break Open If You Dropped It From A Crane 30 Metres In The Air?

Would an ATM Machine Break Open If You Dropped It Off a Crane a 30m in the Air?

Video: For anyone who needs money and also has access to a crane and can somehow finagle an entire ATM out of thin air, you now have your blueprint into breaking an ATM open. Those machines are tough! Breaking ATMs for cash is the stuff of movies and TV shows, but it doesn't have to be hard. Just drop it from a 30m in the air like Crash Zone did with a crane and watch it spit out cash all over the place.


    When they first started installing them in Sydney someone stole a frontend loader from a council depot and ripped an ATM out of the wall and loaded the ATM onto the back of a truck and drove off.

    Short answer - yes... but needs more testing ;)

    That's one of the softess looking ATMs I have ever seen. Like the ones you seen in pubs in Oz. The ones at actual banks look like rigs. Doubt they are very easy to get into.

      Agreed. I've seen Salvos clothing collection bins that look more durable than that "ATM".

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