WIN! 5 Double Passes To The Lego DC Comics Exhibition In Sydney!

If you haven't yet been down to the amazing Art Of The Brick: DC Comics exhibition at the PowerHouse Museum in Sydney, here's your chance. Thanks to the Powerhouse, we're giving away 5 double passes, valued at $52 each ($26 per ticket), to go see your favourite superheroes in Lego form.

Entering is simple: In the comments, tell us the coolest thing you've made out of Lego in 200 words or less.

Keep it clean and be creative. If you’re a guest commenter, don’t forget to use your correct email address (which will remain hidden) so we can contact you if you win. Gizmodo doesn't share this info with third parties.

Entries close on Wednesday the 20th of January. Here are the full terms and conditions.

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Art Of The Brick: DC Comics is an offshoot of Lego artist Nathan Sawaya's art exhibition, who created it as an homage to his favourite heroes.

It features statues and works on DC's big three - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as ones structured around themes, as well as galleries dedicated to specific themes. Spread across 10 galleries there are numerous statues, a 5 metre batmobile and even some abstract works.

There are only a couple of weeks left to see the exhibition, before it moves on to its next location on the 1st of May.

If you still aren't convinced, Hayley Williams attended the launch and took some amazing photos you can check out below.


    Went there on the weekend and can say that some of the stuff is nerdly mind blowingly awesome. Exhibition started off slow (in the first room I was like.... yeah cool, but meh). As it progresses I loved quite a few of the pieces, and I'm not even a DC fan at all.

    My brother and I built a massive Lego moon base covering almost all of the bedroom floor (it even went under our beds. There were space ships, bases, astronauts, a radio telescope, laser guns on rails, and moon buggies (made from Lego Technics).
    We also added some ghosts from Ghostbusters (hand drawn on paper).
    What can I was the 80s. It was a very different time. Also rather hard to explain to my children now.

    Unfortunately, our little brother destroyed it in a fit of anger one day when we hid some of his toys.
    Karma totally sucks.

    Whilst living in Brazil, there was a Lego Egypt exhibition coming to town and they needed volunteers to help assemble the giant pieces to create scenes from ancient Egypt. I help building a Sphynx and a temple.

    I made a robot. Of course, this was 20+ years ago when all I had were the standard bricks and hinge pieces, so I had to manually move its arms and legs. But it kept me entertained.

    When I was 10, I made a small Star Wars fleet, with an X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing, Tie-Fighter and Star Destroyer. This was before the days before the kits came out, so they were made out of the dozens of blocks I had around the place. Had to destroy a few lego houses too to raid them for blocks. Guns were made with straws squished between two Lego blocks. Canopies were made from Glad Wrap.

    Not the most complex thing (heck, it was from Duplo!), but I made a simple plane for my two year old son. It used the base of a car, a long block for the fuselage, a flat 2x8 for the wings, and other trimmings for detail; but it gave me pause seeing just how much recognition and imagination a two-year old could manage. 5 years ago, I would have recalled a giant mecha-Gundam-esque thing, but now... it's the simple things

    I made a Rainbow Pirate Airship.
    Rainbow because well it was a mixed draw of lego blocks, even had some of the older Classic Space set pieces that let me add wings to it. I don't mean to brag or anything but it was pretty damn cool. I kept it for a whole 2 days before it went back into the endless ocean of lego bricks that occupied my draw.

    The size and complexity of these pieces is amazing. It is worth paying to spend the time at the Powerhouse.

    Only a couple weeks left to see it at Powerhouse?? But I was sure the posters said it was staying there into mid March, because I was relieved to see I could still attend at end of Feb when I am in Sydney :/.

    My son, who is 7, frequently builds new weapons. Generally they just look like swords with different handles, but to hear him describe the different powers and abilities of each new one, you'd think they were made of crystals and magic... brilliant!

    I made a loud earth shattering scream when I stepped on a piece in the dark one night!

    Thanks Lego!

    One time when I was a child, during Christmas, my family went to the airport and forgot about me and I was left to defend the house from burglars. All I had was lego, so I filled the floor with loose pieces of lego and left a sign out front that asked to remove your shoes before entering.

    As an only child who would get left alone to play the coolest thing I ever made out of lego was a crippling sense of abandonment.

    When I was a kid I got quite sick, and my parents actually built an entire Lego city on our dining table one evening in secret to cheer me up. My mum, having OCD, then decided it couldn't stay there and made me pack it up a day later, but I'll always remember how cool it was when they showed me and I got to play with it all for a day :)

    When I was about ten my brother and I built a custom Technic car to enter into a local Lego competition. The build design was our very own and completely original, with fully functioning steering, gull-wing doors that opened (we were massive BttF fans) and a drive train that could accommodate a Lego electric motor (which we couldn't afford in those days.) The only real flaw with the build (which is amusing now that I can look back) was that the steering was reversed as we ran out of space to fit all the necessary gears! Sadly we didn't win the competition but we had a lot of fun imagining and realising our very own Lego creation!

    The coolest thing I ever made was actually just a MOC from set 75049 Snowspeeder. I was 3 months into a year of a contract in Seoul and was currently in my dark ages. My girlfriend sent me this set as a birthday present and by the time I had finished building it, the flame inside me had been reignited and I proceeded to dismantle it and make a MOC. Now one year later I’ve started collecting Technic, Modulars and other various sets that catch my eye and it was all thanks to the little set that could, 75049.

    The best thing I ever made was my first Lego Technic car that looked like a jet hopper. I remember trying to finish it and was I missing a whole bunch of pieces. My parents soon discovered that my little brother was helping me build it by eating some of the car. The car wasn't quite complete but still looked awesome! And my little bro escaped unharmed

    I made a boyfriend out of lego bricks once. Had to break up after a few weeks. He was too intense - always had a stiffy whenever I came home after work. The square jaw was quite attractive though.

    I made a lego version of the tricycle I had in real life; turns out that's only impressive as a 3 year old...

    As a kid in the late 80s my friend and I build Battlestar Galactica and Viper. We even send a photo to Lego and they send us a nice letter. :)

    My 6 year old son has made lots of Lego mixels and combined them together and designed what he called "Super Mega Mazing Max Man".

    My grandson Max, 8, makes the most wonderful and clever Lego planes, vintage aircraft and people. He then creates fascinating stories around them. He is mad keen on Lego. I have crocheted him a Lego scarf, and knitted fingerless gloves and embroidered GO LEGO on the knuckles.

    I think the best thing i made as a kid was this spaceship from all these old mismatched lego pieces. I think it was one of the ugliest monstrosities id ever seen but ill be damned if i wasnt a kid with decent imagination that saw that thing as a kick ass cruiser

    My daughter loves constructing buildings with Lego. As a toddler, Se built apartment complexes with pools and garages, zoos to house the animals she made and now, as a 13 year old, builds prisons, houses -complete with bbq and cars etc with her friends. She would love to see the Lego exhibition please.

    My 8yr old son and I have made our family out of lego. Lots of people looking a bit square! Also he wanted to build the leaning tower of pisa. He managed to build a very tall building towering over 1.5m and made it lean with it only standing up for a short time before it toppled over and there was lego everywhere!

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