Who Won A Double Pass To The Lego DC Comics Exhibition?

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to tell us the coolest thing you've made out of Lego. The best responses would win a double pass to the Art Of The Brick exhibition at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

We had five double passes to give away to our favourite responses!

Here are the five winning entries:

Winner #1: Midnighter

Here's their story:

My brother and I built a massive Lego moon base covering almost all of the bedroom floor (it even went under our beds. There were space ships, bases, astronauts, a radio telescope, laser guns on rails, and moon buggies (made from Lego Technics). We also added some ghosts from Ghostbusters (hand drawn on paper). What can I say....it was the 80s. It was a very different time. Also rather hard to explain to my children now.

Unfortunately, our little brother destroyed it in a fit of anger one day when we hid some of his toys. Karma totally sucks.

Winner #2: Neon Jackal

Here's their story:

One time when I was a child, during Christmas, my family went to the airport and forgot about me and I was left to defend the house from burglars. All I had was lego, so I filled the floor with loose pieces of lego and left a sign out front that asked to remove your shoes before entering.

Winner #3: Petoman2111

Here's their story:

When I was in year 10, I was part of the robotics club at my school, that used Lego mindstorms to build robots. One day, I decided to make a bow. This small little contraption was sturdy, and it's arrows (a rounded piece of Lego) would leave a sting. With a few little modifications it could also become a crossbow. My friends were inspired and soon started a small Lego weapons movement. These toy weapons accompanied us to a robotics competition, and with other schools about, I question whether they picked up the movement. Unfortunately the robotics teacher found out and banned them. This didn't stop me from replicating them at home with my own Lego.

Winner #4: Smackoz

Here's their story:

My Son loves describing his latest Lego rifle / gun design in minute detail. The number of barrels, the type of discharge, the type of scope, stock and magazine etc. etc. all with original sounding fire and or pulse rate: even if his design consists of just three blocks! He sees things in Lego I can't even begin to imagine.

Winner #5: Bardiel

Here's their story:

Not the most complex thing (heck, it was from Duplo!), but I made a simple plane for my two year old son. It used the base of a car, a long block for the fuselage, a flat 2x8 for the wings, and other trimmings for detail; but it gave me pause seeing just how much recognition and imagination a two-year old could manage. 5 years ago, I would have recalled a giant mecha-Gundam-esque thing, but now... it's the simple things

Thanks for entering everyone! Winners will be contacted by email.

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