Who Knew A Spinning Tower Of Mirrors Could Be So Mesmerising?

The definition of "art" might be incorporeal at best, but it's easy enough to look at something and go "Yes, [object] is appealing to one/three/five of my sensory organs". Firmly in this category is the "Babel Tower", a spinning stack of mirrors created by artist Shirin Abedinirad.

Sadly, Abedinirad's site doesn't provide any mechanical explanations of how the piece was constructed, but does describe the vibe of it thusly:

Babel Tower is an interactive installation that recontextualizes the spiritual architecture of the Babel Tower with modern materials, creating a union between ancient history and our present world; it is combing the past, present and offering a union for future. The top view of installation by reflecting the sky is connecting it to the earth, symbolizing the aim of Babel tower to reach for the heaven; The structural use of mirrors, serve as a reflective vessel for light, an integral feature of paradise.

I'm sure sticking it together took time, but stopping people from putting their greasy fingerprints all over it? That task is eternal.

[Shirin Abedinirad, via Colossal]

Photos: Shirin Abedinirad

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