Who Is This Hoverboard Diver And What Is She Selling?

Who Is This Hoverboard Diver and What Is She Selling?

The internet is fascinated with a peculiar clip of a girl riding her hoverboard around a pool on Christmas Day. She falls off. The hoverboard goes swimming. She dives in after it. This has to be some sort of viral marketing bullshit, right? Yet, despite the thousands of Instagrams, tens of thousands of retweets, and hundreds of thousands of Facebook views, it's entirely unclear what this anonymous girl might be selling. The '90s-era watermark on the security camera looks fake. Her little dance to the water's edge in a desperate attempt to save her stupid hoverboard seems choreographed. The fact that the video appears to originate from a YouTube account with only one upload. It all screams FAKE.

But what if it isn't? What if some poor girl in suburban America destroyed her Christmas gift just hours after unwrapping it? What if she loved that gift so much she was willing to dive into a pool while fully-clothed trying to save it? What if, for once, the internet wasn't trying to trick us?

I don't care if it's fake. I want to commend this viral hoverboard diver for her bravery in the face of common sense and applaud her successful rescue. There's little doubt in my mind that the gadget is totally fried. But frankly, it's better that way. Hoverboards are dangerous.


    Hey McFly you bozo! Those boards don't work on water.

    The "90's era watermark" you are referring to, is that the timestamp and camera title? If so, its not a 90's thing. At the latest its from only a few years back, and from a Swann security camera system. If you google "swann security screenshot" and look hard enough you will find a few more with the exact same font and text position. I have four of them in my home and I have the camera screens up on a monitor right beside my computer as I type.

    Also, if I had never posted anything on Youtube before, I would certainly think its worth starting an account to get that video up to show friends and relatives. As embarrassing as it is, it still a good share on FB.

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    Doesn't look fake and was slightly amusing... Not worth writing a story about... Or This comment now that I think about it.

    What could you possibly be selling with this? Seriously? You really think this is to sell something? it's a girl falling into a pool. why write about this?....


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    FFS. It's a Segway board... It doesn't hover.

      and if we're going to be pedantic about it, Segway doesn't make them

        2 wheels and a board. Bikeboard? BiBoard? I guess it's more of a plank really. BiPlank?

    If the thing still worked after falling in the pool then they could be selling an amphibious 2-wheel "scooter" (the word scooter doesn't really work either, these things aren't scooters).

    Otherwise it's just a girl falling over and going for a quick-dip.

    It's got that slight patina of fake viral about it. In particular she looks out of the shot to her left before she dives in, then again once she gets out. Looking at an off-camera director perhaps?

    I believe it's s video from the hoverboard company demonstrating the correct storage method so the thing don't catch fire??

    Umm.. why is a salesman in there back yard.

    What Is She Selling?

    A "slightly used" hoverboard.

    Not fake, she looks back at the house because she's worried that her sibling who it belongs to might have been watching, then she dives in to retrieve it and that way she can put it aside and when her sibling finds it not working can claim it wasn't her.

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