What It Looks Like When A Dam Releases 368 Cubic Metres Of Water Per Second

What It Looks Like When a Dam Releases 13,000 Cubic Feet of Water Per Second

Video: Water is a powerful mother and dams do everything in their power to control it, but sometimes they need to pump some of that water out. That is what's happening in this video. Or well, that's what the dam is trying to do. The floodwater looks more like it's exploding away. The AP writes, "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released flood water at a rate of 13,000 cubic feet per second at the Tenkiller Lake Dam in Oklahoma after historic levels of flooding have affected the region."


    I need this sort of water flow to fill my bath tub.

    My gosh, 13,000 cubic feet of water per second is more than 368 tonnes of water per second!

    @ ataraxia
    after last nights curry I need that kind of wash to clean my toilet bowl !

    Last time Burdekin falls dam over flowed it spilled 26,960,908 megaliters over 321 days, which equates to 34325.86 cubic feet per second, and that's average over the whole 321 days. At peak it was a lot more. 3cm over the spillway is 420 megaliters per day and at peak it was more than 3m over the spillway.

    It spilled enough in the 321 days to fill Sydney Harbor 57 times.

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