What Happens When You Shoot A .50 Cal Right Down The Barrel Of A Shotgun

What Happens When You Shoot a .50 Cal Right Down the Barrel of a Shotgun

Video: I've never wondered this but I'm happy to see it actually happen in real life: what happens if a .50 call shot a bullet that went right through a barrel of shotgun barrel? If you aim it perfectly does it just go right through the opposite direction? Could you maybe even use the shotgun after? FullMag sought answers and decided to try it twice. The set up for the shot must've been perfect.


    That was a pointless exercise. What did they think would happen ?

      The point is entertainment.... like 95% of Youtube. Why do people struggle to comprehend this.

    This is exactly the problem with American gin culture. Why do they have a 50 cal? What could it possibly be useful for to average Joe?

    He's not hunting with it unless he likes his venison as a mess of mince and bone held together by congealed blood.

    He's not using it for personal protection, they're designed to take out a tank and thus MUST be fired from at least a bipod. Using it against an intruder is going to rip your arms out of their sockets.

    Which leaves it for silly shit like this. Which generally only leads to people being injured and from heating about what things are like over there leaves it open to falling into the wrong hands.

      Please don't use one of the most popular gun youtube channels as an example of gun problems.

      The reason this guys is popular is because he does things most others cant. He gets hard to get, expensive weapons and does crazy things with them like splitting the length of a playing card with a blackpower musket or taking super high frame rate video of exotic weapons.

      It's no different than high FPS videos of explosions or car crashes or blending iphones. It's entertainment. It's his job. He makes money from this.

      America's gun problem is huge and covers heaps of different social and economic issues, but videos like this are not it. Full mag does some of the coolest looking slow-mo videos around. The guns are just the subject matter.

      No one is saying we should all have anti-materiel rifles for home defense.
      BTW the 50cal can be fired standing up without a bipod (he's done it in a few videos).

      As the current meme says - 50cal -
      For when you need to shoot an intruder
      Behind the fridge
      In your neighbours house.

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