What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola With Bleach?

What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola with Bleach?

Video: Coke is delicious. Bleach is strong as hell. What happens when you mix the two? Crazy Russian Hacker did the work in finding out. It's a fun little experiment because you get to see the colour of Coca Cola disappear right in front of your eyes. Bleach is so powerful that it strips darkness away! Or something like that. Anyway, it's a fun exercise.


    Ahh so thats how they made Crystal Pepsi, tasted like it too (but then regular pepsi is no better anyway).

    One question, i am not doubting the video but why did the liquid fizz up at the 1:20 mark? the coke didn't fizz up when the bleach was poured in and it didn't fizz when he was stirring it so why did it fizz up then?

    To answer your question, one must understand the effects of coke. When drinking coke you will notice that after a while you develop gas in your digestive tract, sparking an urge to alleviate such discomfort through the act of 'passing gas'. What you just witnessed was the bleach formally consuming this coke and, shortly after, releasing a fizzy fart.

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