Watch: An Australian Company's Revolutionary Motorbike Helmet Design

The idea is a full face helmet that doesn't come off under impact, yet is easy to remove after impact. The end result is strapless — whilst still fitting better than traditional helmets.

The Vozz helmet has been developed by Aussie duo John Vozzo Mark Bryant, inspired by a sky diving helmet.

What makes it unique is the cool rear-access design, dubbed the Voltec System. The neckhole doesn't need to allow space for your whole head to enter. In comparison to a regular full face helmet, the Vozz fits the jaw closer, and has less snag points.

Despite safety having been vastly improved with this design, removing the need for emergency services to physically cut helmets off a patient's head, concerns have been raised over the need for re-education of paramedics to remove the Vozz after an accident.

It does appear, however, that the pros far outweigh the cons with this clever redesign.

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